Friday, March 31, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 80: 1387-1399: Family Politics

I've been sort of playing on fast forward, as I don't have many things to do, but I'd still prefer to let the world evolve a bit more.

A lucky accident got Mali inherited by claimant married to my daughter, getting my family on most major thrones.

I pushed some family to thrones of Byzantium and Portugal. Portugal was notable, as they actually managed to win two battles against me - it's just so rare I legitimately lose a battle in this game, but I overestimated how long my army will stay in fight before reinforcements arrive, so they wrecked my first army and then my reinforcements.

Even that project is ending, as most rulers of the world are somehow related to me, so it feels silly to try undermining them.

I maxed out all technologies and have enormous stash of tech points doing nothing, and I had enough left over that I could about develop province from zero to max economy and halfway culture by now.

I became cruel just because I poisoned my whoring husband's gay lover, screwing my diplomacy again. Then I even lost charitable, dropping my diplomacy to miserable 11. I hope I'll fix it somehow, it would be silly to have 6/4/6, especially when I'd technically be 13/4/8 if it wasn't for the cap, and that's without my epic tier learning and intrigue.

I somehow accumulated like 40 claims - presumably whenever weird vassal inheritance happened I got them somehow. There's no way to cancel claims, and it made UI awful, so I revoked them opportunistically and granted lands to my children.

So far my family politics, counting just independent realms, emperors, all related:

  • Arabia - Egyptian Wilks, my descendant 2 and 3 generations down and and married to my son
  • Byzantium - Greek Isauros, married to my son, my grandson heir
  • Deccan - Mahrati von Rugen, my descendant 5 generations down
  • Mongol Empire - Mongol Injuid, my descendant 4 generations down
  • Rajastan - Panjabi Saindhava, my descendant 4 generations down

Kings, related:

  • Aragon - French de Chaumontois, my great grandson
  • Asturias/Brittany/France/Mauritania - French de Chaumontois, my great grandson
  • Bihar - Prussian Wilks, my great grandson
  • Gujarat - Panjabi Kampalid, betrothed to my great great granddaughter
  • Khiva - Bedouin Wilks, my great grandson
  • Luxembourg - French Kill, my grandson
  • Mali - Mande Kukurayid, was married to my daughter until she died of gout, my grandson heir
  • Portugal - French de Durban, two oldest children married to my children
  • Saryupara - Hindustani Rashtrakuta, was married to my son, my grandson heir
  • Syria - Italian Wilks, inbred, my descendant in a few too many ways

Kings, not related:

  • Armenia - Harashid Avar, Byzantium will probably de jure eat him county by county
  • Abyssinia/Nubia - Ethiopian Zagwe
  • Badajoz - Andalusian Ismalid
  • Castille - French de Chiny
  • Perm - Mongol Gantulga
It shouldn't be too hard to marry some daughters or granddaughters into these royal lines as well.

 Installing a claimant is always just step one
King of Greece is not happy about new Byzantine Empress

Borders aren't changing much anymore
I decided expeditions against Deccan aren't really worth it since it's my family anyway 

Dynastic map looks even more impressive
Byzantium, Portugal, Mali, Saryupara have Wilks in line of succession

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