Thursday, March 16, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 70: 1287-1298: Love Story of Jaspert and Gerkus

Here's interesting factoid about demon genetics - there's 50% chance of demon child being fake. And apparently 5th and 6th of my 7 demon babies lack the evil gene.

I wanted to reward Halima for helping me achieve immortality, and since she was 44 and childless I wanted to get her a satan baby, but she wasn't interested in joining the cult.

I thought about finding her a regular husband for company at least, but she has "For one reason or another, this character will not get married" modifier I've never seen before. Oh well. Somewhat later I brew her a potion of eudaimonia to cure her stress. Eternal life in stress doesn't sound that fun.

Since I got everything I wanted from satan, I just left, leaving the society to raja Bawasa "the Dragon" of Kuru - which is way better nickname than I ever got.

As soon as I joined the Hermetic Society I became ambitious on first 10% roll. Weirdsy Sunni countess of some Mauretanian counties under France was the leader. I assumed that means I could loot her, as I can loot infidel vassals of people of my religious group - but since emperor of Francia was married to my daughter, that made his infidels unlootable.

So instead I tried getting Sword of Mohammad in Persia, but RNG was just not lucky, in spite of a lot of tries. I wouldn't be able to use it, but it's nice to have plentiful loot.

I had two more natural children Alvydas and Milyuns. So that's a total of 6 natural, 2 fake demon, and 5 real demon babies. So far demon babies caused no trouble whatsoever. I wonder if I broke the event chain somehow.

And here's the love story. My daughter Gerkus, married to emperor of Francia Jaspert, got captured and forced to become concubine of a lowly count of Bearn. This should bring a CB, right? On both of them - one for the deed, the other for failing to protect my daughter.

Well, at least now I could raid daughter of former Great Maga, and I got Cipher Disc, amazing artifact with +2 intrigue, +1 learning, and +10% plot power. Usable only by Hermetics. There's 6 unique hermetic inventions, and I know duchess of Kiev has compass. I wonder what she's plotting... I tried inventing one once, but my group of scientists got into arguments and project failed.

I decided to go to war with Francia and Arabia simultaneously. That got me into fight with my tributary Greece too as they're allied with Francia. Not even a problem.

I captured and hanged Jaspert's second wife while she was pregnant. The injustice being done to Gerkus is unforgivable, and Jaspert didn't even attempt a rescue.

I got that damn count killed too with poisoned wife. The Cipher Disk was pretty damn useful in it. Then I invited Gerkus back and got her remarried. True love always finds its way, even if that way involves sack of Paris, hanging of pregnant woman, and poisoned wine.

My issue with Arabia was just a simple embargo war, which I won easily. I probably should have setup some Black Sea merchant republic, my Italian ones are just too far, so Damietta keeps reestablishing its trade posts.

Meanwhile elsewhere:

My alliance with Khiva ended when my brother died. They changed them so many times I no longer remember how it even works. So your son and my nephew is now your heir, and that doesn't count for potential alliance reasons? That seems excessively narrow.

Byzantine Empire attacked Arabian Empire for emperor's claim on Egypt while Arabia was facing two rebellions. That would be a huge blob, but they failed, I assume because Byzantines were always on or near negative money as they were sending it all to me, so their troops were fighting with huge morale penalty.

The 3 Indian blobs kept attacking each other, but it seems indecisive so far. Former Adana horde somehow managed to turn into a tiny Avar kingdom of Armenia. Overall except for Zikri minors in Spain there's very few independent countries out there.

And I discovered that apparently people who owe you a favor can still join factions against you. Like what?

That could have been a scary big blob 

He did pay for this 

After all obstacles got removed, the lovebirds could finally remarry

Totally reasonable stats.
I still need 2 Magna Opera, but I can only write one for the rest of the game, so I'll first see which of the missing two I can maybe loot.
Without the skill cap (which can be modded out), she'd be 13/7/9 on conversion.

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