Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 73: 1321-1336: Second Oldest Person in the World

I pondered pressing some claimants to split other blobs, but I couldn't fight any of them, as my family is married to pretty much everybody who matters, so I can't attack anyone.

I can't even cheese and join their enemies - that works around truces, but not against non-aggression pacts.

King of Syria, married to one of my daughters, captured another and made her his concubine. I think she was married to his rebellious vassal. He died real soon afterwards, so there's not much revenge to do anyway.

I helped my grandson sultan of Khiva take Baluchistan from Persia. He might be a Bedouin barbarian, but he's family. Well, 1 of 4 duchies of Baluchistan Persian held at least. Then I helped Persia with their Sunni vassals. I have no idea why AI won't just ethnic cleanse every now and then.

One of my immortal friends died leading troops at young age of 99. I killed other two, as I don't like competition. So now I'm second oldest at 86, and Halima who gave me the secret of eternal life is oldest at 93.

Last Catholic province disappeared, and so did the Fraticelli. Weirdly last remaining Christians are Lollards. Then Catholics briefly reemerged as Aragon's vassal merchant republic was Catholic, and his peasants flipped, but that didn't last long.

It's same story as with Egypt - vassal merchant republics are far better at preserving old religions than secret societies.

Sunnis got a bit of resurgence as one of pony clans became Sunni, and as heresy of very low authority Zekri they even managed some random flips.

I somehow managed to get cancer, which seriously feels like bullshit. I have a lot of bad traits, mostly from my times in cult of Kali Purusha, so I was wondering how to lose them. Apparently easiest way are becoming Shia (open or secret), joining Assassins and using their miracle drugs, or becoming open Muslim, going on Hajj, and getting stoning the devil event. Not really planning to do either of these.

I got event which let me get Just for temporarily giving up Jylland, then I got it back mildly annoying my vassals, as it was the Just thing to do.

I also played with some graphical mods. Not really sure if I like it better or not.

I tried to figure out why invention attempt event doesn't trigger, testevent console command suggests it should so it's just really bad luck. I'm not even sure why it should be an event, and not a decision you can take with some esoteric knowledge payment and like 10 year timer.

 Another kidnapping, but he died in battle 2 years later before I could do anything

That's the most extreme revolt to loyalist ratio I've ever seen
Emperor has 1 demesne, and 1 count vassal who doesn't even like him, but was probably too distracted to notice the faction happening
I'm not even sure what happened - emperor and claimant and cousins with similar traits and stats

You can also see some UI mods here - with new font, borders, and nonrandom flags

India still split between 4 powers (plus Gujarati independence revolt), but Gujarat is losing ground fast
Also 4 generations later tiny duke of Merv I installed turned into double king bigger than Persia

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