Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 74: 1336-1345: End of Christianity

It didn't seem like it would be exciting enough, so I decided to create some chaos:

  • drastically reduce attrition (as that made peasants irrelevant, they'd die before even first battle). The whole attrition system become really silly late game anyway, but rebels are the worst as they get 769 tech even if they get massive stacks somehow.
  • host size cap increased from 30k to 120k. This doesn't actually increase their sizes (which are about half the target) unless they target a huge blob.
  • increased vassal unhappiness from disallowed wars and imperial administration, as bonuses from technology and artifacts are silly

Sadly there wouldn't even be that many peasants as most countries are religiously and culturally uniform.

I wish vassals had factions for allowing vassal wars, for disallowing viceroyalties, for ruler gavelkind etc. These are the things which should matter for them, not council power silliness. Oh actually there is a faction for gavelkind succession (as well as seniority, primogeniture etc.), I've just never seen AI go for anything except ahistorical elective.

If nobody gets wrecked by this soon, I'll ramp it eve harder.

And I turned that invention attempt into a free decision every 5 years for Hermetic Society leader, because what's the point of leading Hermetic Society if I can't even invent something? Well, vanilla mtth probably makes sense if I started with Hermetic Society, it's just silly when I try to squeeze it into last 200 years.

And of course invention gathering failed. Second one got me a Handgun. And third a second Handgun. Well, somehow I thought I can't have duplicates. Well, that will make collecting all 6 a lot harder.

It feels like a bug, as every other way to acquire artifacts prevents duplicates, and duplicates never give double bonuses. Maybe I should edit that?

Peasants thanks me for my changes by spawning on top of my retinue in Rome. Even with attrition reduced by a factor of 10, their stacks did poorly everywhere.

The problem is that base supply ranges from 6k to 10k (before penalties for winter, disease etc.), at most +50% coastal, and that's what they're getting. Meanwhile their liege gets up to 100% for technology, and +50% for every own realm holding.

So in a 3 dessert holding province with max tech I have 21k supply vs theirs 6k. All I did was slow down rate their stacks are melting.

And even such desert castle can easily have 4k garrison plus levy. My capital has 9.3k, so good luck sieging that, even if I ignored peasants completely. Of course that's rather extreme case.

Pope declared another crusade for Italy. Which totally makes sense as there's not a single peasant province of any Christian variety left. It lasted ridiculous 1337-1345 because there was nothing except ticker for it.

Muslims are down to 1 Zikri county and 2 Sunni pastures with Buddhist clan heir.

There's still 48 Hindu and 18 Jain counties, as Buddhist rulers consider this low priority work.

Even that Catholic merchant republic is now gone, as Francia subjugated Aragon and wiped it out. Francia is some serious big blue blob.

I tried some raiding all the way to India, but only got junk. Well, and a ton of gold, but it's not like I have shortage of that.

So far my anti-blob measures failed to do anything at all. I'll try to ramp that up until something starts happening, then I might ramp it back down to sensible level.

 Because rebels in ck2 use level 0 tech (so even worse than 769 start where most countries have some) their supply limit here is 6k
So it doesn't matter that they spawned at 18k. Even with my mod to massively reduce attrition, it only made Persia wait longer before wrecking them.

I think that's the only way to get duplicate artifact
I'd say that's probably a bug, as in vanilla duplicates do nothing
They probably just left this open in the engine for mods, and forgot to fix that event

8 years of waiting for the timer, and that didn't even affect Catholic authority much
It's unusual for Catholicism to be completely wiped out (other than bugged pony clans), but there needs to be some way to disable this silliness

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