Saturday, March 18, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 71: 1298-1308: Failed Treasure Hunt

My sister Gulbis, wife of former and mother of current Bengal Emperor, declared war on me, but travelling all the way from Bengal took her a lot of time. Doesn't she have anything better to do, like look after her grandchildren? And then she'd keep half her army on boats, so I couldn't do anything except wait for very slowly ticking warscore.

Pope declared crusade for Italy as well. There was just one problem - not a single holy order was Catholic, and the only landed ruler seemed to be merchant republic of Valencia under Buddhist Aragon - and Aragon joined on my side. Bugged pony clans joined.

The crusade was such a joke that even some Zikri asked if they can join for fun.

Vassal king of Africa refused my order to go gavelkind, and rebelled instead, so I revoked his title, and granted it to one of his former vassals as a viceroyalty.

I tried raiding foreign infidels and rebellious vassals for loot, but I mostly got junk. After too many tries I got Magnetic Compass for +2 stewardship +2 learning and some prestige. Didn't everyone have them by that era anyway?

There's such a shortage of independent minors that Bektashi Order - now Zikri - got event horde. They're technically landed with 2 castles in deep Mongolia, but it's another event horde that just chills doing nothing.

I checked Wikipedia who the hell those "Zikri" even are, and apparently they're basically Sunnis from Baluchistan with a few extra caliphs in 1400s. Strangely in game they cannot have a caliphate, which sounds like research fail.

The Zikri also created custom Badajoz next to custom Granada - which is the only custom kingdom I didn't uncustom by replacing it with a real one yet (Burgundy with Burgundy, Syria with Syria, Tigris with Mesopotamia, Thrace with Greece, and removing leftovers of Hamadan and Esfahan).

My demon children came of age, but nothing happened. I supposed nanny witch event chain got broken somehow, and without it nothing ever happens. Oh well.

I keep getting pregnant way past natural age - that's apparently side effect of immortality.

I noticed in character search that there's quite a few really old characters - with ages like 95, 101, 111, 124, 127. I'm tempted to eliminate them, as legend has it that there can be only one immortal.

I got max economic technology in my capital, so all the extra points just do nothing. A lot of my demesne is maxed out on buildings too.

De jure map. Spain is most interesting with 2 custom kingdoms.
Oversized Mesopotamia is leftover of Shia Caliphate.

Just land already!

The "Crusade" is fake news!
Nobody has ever seen a single "crusader".

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