Saturday, March 25, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 77: 1354-1365: History Never Stops

I restored low but nonzero attrition and removed siege defence technology bonus instead. I doubt it will help peasants much, but these are right settings for late game overall.

One of my vassals inherited Burgundy, so I have a vassal king again. Also at some point I got vassal kingdom-tier republic of Venice.

I finally solved my low diplomacy issue by giving my pet cat a lavish funeral, which gave me charitable for +3 diplomacy. And then I messed up in grand debate and got shy for -2 diplomacy. And I even lost Brave, but I don't exactly have a shortage of martial.

I helped a rebellion agaist Francia get independence - that resulted in kingdom of Portugal, duchy of Castille (which somehow turned into a kingdom, even though it was just one duchy - I thought you need 2 duchies), and a lot higher chance of colonization happening than before.

There was 83k Granada liberation revolt against Egypt's holdings in Spain. Portugal, Castile, Aragon, and Granada all coming into existence just in time for 1444, without any help from special events? What kind of unholy RNG magic is this? Well, not strong enough magic it turns out, as Arabia with half the rebels' size managed to crush them as they had 769's tech.

King of Abyssinia/Nubia managed to abolish empire of Abyssinia on which he had claim, so it was some next level silliness.

Weirdly former emperor and now OPM got himself a 50k event horde, which he used to reconquer Nubia, so it was extremely convoluted gavelkind.

Rajastan managed to 99% war to abolish Bengal Empire. Then it went down to 96% and froze like that. I thought it was bugged somehow, so I joined to see what the hell - ticker is not active due to mixed occupation, occupation score is capped at +100% (even though it's like 200% really), battle score is -3%, that adds up to 96%. Of course AI doesn't know about the cap, so it keeps trying to occupy more.

I helped attackers as they were my grandson and great-grandson, so now North India is bordergore of minors, while South India is all Deccan Empire.

Everything that's been happening here would make a great story
Gabra was emperor, with Tessema as vassal 2-king
Tessema got independent by faction war
Tessema abolished Gabra's title in another war
Gabra got event horde
Gabra conquered one of Tessema's 2 kingdoms
Meanwhile their great grandfather Zula the Great is spinning in his grave
I wonder if it will ever reunite

How did she figure it out? 

Kingdom of Portugal with North African holdings?
Kingdoms of Castille, and Aragon?
What kind of RNG magic is this?
Those rebels actually managed to siege some stuff before Arabian army showed up, but they fight like crap, so they got wiped anyway. Otherwise we'd have Granada too.

Big political changes in Spain and North India

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