Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 69: 1280-1287: Empress Weslikan The Immortal and 7 Demon Babies

My next step on path to immortality was fighting a snake barehanded. I celebrated victory by proclaiming The Cessation of Violence Act.

My whole plan in Kali Purusha was to have demonic baby. I can only do that freely as a leader, and the clock was ticking as I was 31 already, and the bastard just wouldn't die. Fortunately I got a mission to do so, which I used on myself.

Weirdly that's a known bastard without a father. How the hell do everybody knows that?

I just drank whichever deadly liquid Halima prepared without even reading game files, and it worked. I am now immortal. Kali Purushna blessed me. Actually that had nothing to do with Kali Purushna, and my plan to play as strong genius daughter of satan just failed miserably.

Well, right now I'd probably just be 6/4/6. I'd need to get my skills to 18, and 14/24/34/29/36 is not quite there. 1 skill point would be like 4500 extra mana over course of the game.

I got demon daughter I wanted, Mila, and I still plan to make her best daughter ever, since "immortal" doesn't actually mean that I can't die - just that old age can't kill me and diseases would have serious trouble doing so. Plotting demon child might actually succeed.

Soon after that stressed and depressed Brahminrakshasa came out of hiding and I got him killed. And what do I want? More demon babies! Let them fight! I feel 7 would be a good number.

By the way, I got demon babies a few times before, but for one reason or another I could never play as them. And this time when I can be a demon baby factory, game decides to go as far as to make me literally immortal just so I don't have a chance to play a demon baby.

Which brings me to the question - can satan's babies become imbred if I were to do it over and over? Like if I made my daughter pregnant with satan, and kept doing that?

My family is 4 natural children:

  • daughter Gerkus, 19 - married to emperor of Francia
  • son Arelis, 16 - married to sister of Bengal Emperor (who's technically heir, but probably won't be)
  • daughter Grasus, 9 - bethroted to maharaja of Gujarat/Malwa/Bengal/Gondwana
  • strong daughter Betten, 5 - bethroted to duke of Aquitaine

And 7 demon children, born 9 months apart:

  • daughter Mila, 4 
  • son Prusas, 3
  • strong daughter Betten, 3 
  • son Gauronas, 2
  • hunchback son Nomedas, 1
  • strong daughter Gelennis, 0
  • strong son Actune, 0

Lack of a single genius is disappointing, but that's enough demon babies.

My cousin emperor of Rajastan decided to declare war on me, not even in own name but of another cousin's. In addition to being rather stupid I have no idea how he could do being bankrupt - it might be favor war that they forgot to add bankruptcy check to wars called by owing favor to claimant.

He's walking right into my troops, like he knows it's all futile.

I drank blood of Glitterhoof, what's a snake for me

First of Seven 

RNGesus or his dark equivalent

Worked like a charm first time, I didn't even check the files
I think having really high stats thanks to Hermetic Society influence greatly increases chance of event chain triggering in the first place

Afterwards I checked, and chances at 22+ martial are:
100% nasty fail chance if she was a fraud
75% for antilope sacrifice working, or else you lose hand and get severely injured
67% for defeating snake when going brave, or else 25% chance of instant death
57% of drink working, or else instant death and getting reincarnation
There were less risky options too

I'm doing every possible kind of magic - immortal hermetic werewolf satanist

You can't declare wars on negative money, but AI did it anyway
I suspect Conclave as usual 

There's no way through

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