Monday, March 27, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 79: 1377-1387: Crowns Falling Down Everywhere

I somehow lost lunatic, but I'm still shy deceitful possessed werewolf. I also got dedicated carouser for +2 diplomacy, and apprentice board gamer, so maybe those problems are over.

I also lost highly suspicious modifier I got due to my past use of dark powers. There's actually simple way to avoid it - don't mass sacrifice prisoners for dark powers, just the minimum number of virgins necessary. Not like it matters much now, it's just prestige penalty, but supposedly next patch makes it harsher.

A lot of realms got abolished:

  • OPM Burgundy I released got abolished by one of Francia's vassals.
  • Arabia abolished kingdom of Mesopotamia.
  • Persia got abolished, and I'm not even sure by whom.

Francia managed to take over most of Luxembourg when I wasn't looking, and that was the final straw. I got tired of their antics, so I abolished their empire and left them as 4-way kingdom, on way to gavelkind. That abolition released kingdom of Navarra (which got prompty attacked by Castille) as well as a bunch of dukes outside their 4-way de jure land.

I helped Mongol independence revolt too - that was a surprisingly difficult war due to massive provinces our armies had to walk to.

Gujarat subjugated Andhra I kicked out of Deccan, but at least it's not Deccan. Of course Deccan then attacked Gujarat for Andhra, so all that great expedition was for nothing... My ability to project power that far is so limited. I regret not taking just one province more for port in Basra - especially since one of my dukes inherited Baghdad, so I control most of that region anyway.

My daughter in law with event horde made herself a custom kingdom of Saryupara, and so far used her event troops reasonably.

Of two daughters Tawaret of Arabia and Jauguttis of Syria had, older Lavinia was heir to Syria while younger Carola got Arabia - so at least for now they won't unite.

Amazingly there's still an independent Catholic city in deep Mali.

I have a new idea for converter game, so I created a trait I and all my descendants have.

Independent Catholic city in deep Africa
It's quite amazing

Great War to Abolish Francia 

A lot of countries fell
Deccan back to its previous size
Saryupara much bigger and trying to get a chunk of Rajastan
Also there's now France, Castille, (recreated) Aragon, Portugal - they'll have so much fun colonizing Aztecs.

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