Monday, March 13, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 65: 1241-1250: Gelennis II

I installed a mod with a ability to gift artifacts - which allowed me to get rid of alchemical ingredients and redundant weapons. AI won't do it.

I also added targetted decision to secretly switch to spouse's religion, and AI has small chance of doing so. Not like it will matter much at this point, we're really close to global religious unity, but it could be fun. If you somehow go secret Shia, you can join assassins - which is technically possible as there's one Shia mercenary company.

Indians created empire of Rajastan, whose heir is my nephew. Mostly because Bengal de jure expaded so much, 2 kingdoms of Punjab and Delhi were enough for 80% of Rajastan.

Rajastan tried to attack Bhakkar, but their army glitched out, and even reloading game a few times didn't help, so I sent some troops over.

I completely left Sweden, giving one of my daughters viceroyalty over it. I'm going to keep migrating into some sort of Prussia/Holstein/Denmark area.

And at age of 69 Gulbis II died, leaving the throne to Gelennis II, who started at 15/18/20/25/21, who soon improved to 21/19/21/36/29 - not quite as good as her mother, but who ever is?

As Gelennis, I had no babies at age of 27, so it was obvious seduction focus. As I was my mother's apprentice in Hermetic Society, I continued this tradition.

After that I had to fight tributary wars, and that was a lot more fun now that I could loot artifacts from anybody who wouldn't pay up peacefully.

In like 20 attempts I only got one artifact, but a really good one - Magnum Opus on Stellar Astrology, quality 3/4 (+0.5 prestige, +1 intrigue, +1 learning).

Chance seems to be far greater when in raiding mode, as on the first try I got:
* Golden Bracelets (+0.3 montly prestige, +2 feudal/city/tribal opinion)
* Bejeweled Dagger (+0.3 monthly prestige, +2 feudal/city opinion, +4 tribal opinion)

On I think 4th attempt in 3 generations expedition I sent found Emerald Tablet, said to be written by Hermes Trismegistus himself, which gives +2 learning and 5% technology spread rate, but only if I'm level 3 or higher member in Hermetic Society. The society require a good deal of intergenerational commitment.

Elsewhere, kingdom-tier Mali was created by Fraticelli emir. Zikri Granada is on course to be abolished. There's still a chance for both.

Army was bugged trying to move to next province for a few years.
I don't remember seeing this issue before.

Seduction focus for everybody.
I'm surprised there's no "because you have high intrigue" option to poison her.

Gelennis II is really good, just not crazy good like Gulbis II was. 
You can also see where imperial demesne is migrating.

After 3 generations of searching for it, finally a success.

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