Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 67: 1264-1272: Empress Weslikan IV the Accursed

So here's the regency bug:

  • you can't designate a regent when you already have regency
  • your character falls ill, designated regent becomes regent, loses designated recent title
  • your character dies, heir inherits
  • there's no designated regent for your new character, so a new regent is chosen

The solution is to make it possible to designate a regent even when there's a regency. This allows free regent flipping so it's a fairly strong, but it's an easy workaround. A proper solution would be to not reset recency on succession.

That increased my demesne limit to tolerable 13, so I wanted to give away one of my titles to the regent. That's easy, right?

  • my sister Betten who's regent and steward votes yes, which feels like it should count double
  • spymaster (zealot) and chaplain (loyalist) vote yes
  • marshal (loyalist, but somehow votes no as he's unlanded) and chancellor (pragmatist) vote no

So that's 4:2 easy pass, right? Or 3:2 if there's no double voting? Nope. It actually counts 3:4 with ruler seat empty and voting no, and also serving as tiebreaker for no. Somehow when I feel I know every way how council system can be dumb, it still surprises me.

Replacing the chancellor solved the problem, but I had to go pretty far down the list to find a loyalist.

And then my sister regent Betten died in an accident at age of 17. It's quite unlucky, children of Gelenis:

  • daughter Mila, died under suspicious circumstances at age 4
  • daughter Dagas, 19, new vicereine of Poland
  • daughter Gulbis, 18, accidentally got Chelmno, married regularily to emperor of Bengal
  • daughter Betten, genius, died in accident at 17, former vicereine of Poland, steward, and regent
  • son Milzas, 16, betrothed to emira of Merv
  • daughter Weslikan IV, 16, strong genius
  • son Gauronas, 15, current heir

And then Gulbis started plotting against Gauronas's life... With mother and two sisters dying so young, the world looked like a bleak place. Maybe cult of Kali Purusha has the answers.

Of course I didn't abandon scholarship - I went straight for scholarship focus to get Necronomicon.

And soon I discovered how horoscopes work. If you have education matching horoscope, you get whole education tier. Otherwise, you get just +1 to chosen skill.

That's actually amazing. When you educate your children you get option to make them diligent at cost of becoming stressed - but Hermetic Society gives you potion to cure stressed and depressed, so you can use it for free. Diligent is somewhat RNG dependent, but it's approximately one education level. So you can combo that for 2 education levels and then stack of skill modifiers from Magna Opera.

I made the usual tributaries, waged embargo war on France to give my merchant republics a bit more space, even though its impact was pretty low previously.

I pressed Buddhist claimant on Aragon against Aragon/Navarra - who somehow only got one county to go with the title, not whole de jure Aragon. But Navarra had a Buddhist vassal duke, who revolted to press his other kingdom claim. And then two more revolts I had to crush.

I got invited into cult of Kali Purusha, and I had a very well stocked prison after all the wars.

So far only benefit I got was raven familiar and a bunch of rather awful stats like cruel possessed deceitful paranoid lunatic, but I have a plan.

Council doesn't care for your arithmetics
If we say 2 > 3, then it is

 My cousins fighting for Rajastan

My claimant got one county but rebels helped him get the other title 

Previous king rebelled twice (for total of 4 wars)
That claimant who put him on the second throne changed his mind and tried to press some woman

My stats are still quite good
I even get such obscene amounts of karma from vassal buildings those penalties are irrelevant
Supposedly next patch will nerf devil worship

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