Sunday, March 26, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 78: 1365-1377: Old Age Deterioration

Quite a few of my vassals got -40 immortal suspicion. What's wrong with being immortal?

I lost my ambition and diligent, really ruining my diplomacy all the way to 13. At least I managed to upgrade my education to Midas Touched, getting me even more stewardship, learning, and martial. You can upgrade pretty much any education as long as you stay on right focus, but mtth is poor.

I got seduction focus, and seduced my daughter and her husband. Two of my daughters came out of this threesome.

I didn't want to have vassal king of Burgundy so I revoked her vassals (which I can do pissing nobody except him thanks to imperial administration), then released her as an OPM. Have fun.

I pressed some blind lunatic's claim on Francia just to destabilize them a bit. My claimant soon died, a gay Greek inherited (he later went native and became French), and I kept meddling - defending Portugal and Castille from their 3 wars, and making sure rebellion for kingdom of France against king of France/Asturias/Mauretania/Brittany worked.

Eventually another emperor inherited, had claims on vassal kingdoms, so simply revoked them all to recentralize the power.

I meddled in affairds of Deccan, eventually killing its emperor, and pressing claimant to Andhra to cut it down a bit, and then obviously defending Andhra almost right away.

I got attacked by 120k host. I basically ignored her, and then it turned out that 1 temple and 2 cities (not even whole county) are worth 46% of warscore. Like wtf? Why can't I mod these numbers to be even halfway sane?

Pope declared another crusade for Italy, which obviously I ignored. It will time out in about 8 years.

Former emperor of Abyssinia after being reduced to count finally got both kingdoms of Nubia and Abyssinia, but due to silly title creation restrictions can't recreate empire he used to have and holds 100% of.

My great grandson Khiva/Baluchistan managed to subjugate another big chunk of Persia with my grandson's emperor of Rajastan's help. Maybe he deserves an imperial title as well. Khiva is pretty big.

My grandson king of Syria married empress of Arabia, so their daughter - who's Italian Wilks - is now next in line to both thrones.

Castile managed to subjugate duchy of Aragon, so that one won't be on the map either.

My daughter in law duchess of Saryupara got 120k event horde. So far she's just being attacked by a host, which just causes very slowly ticking warscore.

It only takes age difference into account, so technically...

How is that 46% warscore? It's not even whole county! 

Good things come to people who marry my children. It is known. 

Such distant interventions are awkward, but it's not like I have anything better to do.
Also how the hell Ceylon isn't a strait, and has no crossing penalty?

Deccan, Arabia/Syria, Byzantium, and France will probably be strongest blob after conversion

1191 Buddhist, 37 Hindu, and 9 Jain provinces
I doubt we'll be able to 100% that, Indian on Indian penalty is too big

The Great Italian Migration
An Italian girl is next in line to Arabia and Syria, so maybe that will still change somewhat
Or maybe not, it takes a long time, and a lot of foreign rulers go native

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