Friday, March 10, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 63: 1224-1233: Like Uber For Fighting Muslims

I gave Sinai to Safiya, my marshal and Egyptian lover, and granted her independence. I got it accidentally anyway. I Hoped she'd have enough common sense to join Egypt peacefully (or maybe even get a quick random horde and take it herself), but she just got de jure war. Well, her dynasty will now hold a county.

Krete went to my son. I have a lot of babies, but the high disease settings is killing a lot of them.

I didn't have a good CB on Khiva so I holy warred nearby OPM, and helper Persia and Punjab with their attempts to blob into Khiva.

Then I pressed a claimant on Merv - who decided to abolish Khiva with which I helped as well.

And from that point on - I hkept helping everybody who could possibly want to fight the damn Muslims.

Damn Caliph pressed his claim on Syria 3 times, as if jihads every 30 years weren't enough. Baluchistani infidels revolted, Persia and Punjab got into various minor holy wars.

After all that fighting only duchies of Khiva, Samarkand/Caliphate, Kashgar, and Kirghiz are Sunni.

In Spain, Seville, Granada/Tangier (not to be confused with Zikri sultanate of Granada), and Fes are Sunni, but they're very easy to fight so I'm not too bothered.

Buddhist kings have a bunch of Sunni vassals, but are a minority now, so there's hope it's all over.

I tried to give my vassals a lot of freedom, but it only led to bordergore, so I passed imperial administration, and extrernal only vassal wars, for total of -20 feudal opinion.

I'm not even sure how, but I got weak claims on Danzig and Slupsk, which were on the list of places I wanted.

Meanwhile elsewhere:

Egypt / Arabia gavelkinded, which is probably for the better - except Arabia is now even easier target for jihads.

Adana horde got Coloneia, and wasted the rest of their troops helping others in their silly wars. Then they allied Egypt and Mesopotamia and they're trying to subjugate Syria while Greece is trying to de jure them. So that's one of the biggest wars in a while, and I had nothing to do with it.

Greece has 55k. Syria 15k. Adana/Coloneia 37k. Egypt 25k. Mesopotamia 10k. It could go in many ways.

Arabia meanwhile is facing claimant revolt, independence revolt, abolition war from Tigris, and Egypt is trying to subjugate that independence revolt. They're screwed, just hard to guess which way.

France declared war to abolish Mali, in which I helped as that liberated Fraticelli vassals. After that I removed some former Mali land and setup viceroyalty of Ireland for one of my daughters. It's been a while since we expanded to a new viceroyalty.

Hindu duchy of Bhakkar got independent somehow, but they shouldn't pose much threat.

Catholic vs Fraticelli is 37 : 14. Sunni vs Zikri is 44 : 9. Neither would help me much, but it would be very satisfying.

That's what no vassal wars looks like
It was too much bordergore for me

Step one was a county as base of operations
Step two was independent Merv
Step ten will be destroying the last caliphate

Khiva, Caliphate, Kashgar, and Kirgiz are the last remnants of Sunni Middle East
I don't have any great CBs, but I can keep poking them until they lose
Mandesh converted in holy war, so they have Sunni heir, but they're too small to matter

Zikri Granada and my tributaries
Next time I'll just remove them

My demesne size varies 12-14 based on stats, so I try to have 12 core and 2 temporary slots
Maybe 13 core would be viable, I can usually just marry for that bonus even if my stats are bad.
I'm definitely giving away rest of Sweden to my daughter.
I could give Samogita away for more slots.
Or maybe I'll write my own converter...

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