Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 66: 1250-1264: Empress Weslikan IV

There weren't that many infidels abroad, so I started provoking my vassals into fight so I could loot them.

I've also been pretty direct in revoking counties I wanted for my demesne - vassals keep plotting, and even if they don't one revocation every now and then is pretty much nothing compared with what AI typically does.

I got the '+2' Axe, which was one of the rare drops before artifact system - I have better weapons so I don't really need that, but it's fun to collect.

I also got rare axe Marauder, +0.75 monthly prestige, +1 martial, +2 personal combat strength, +10% light foot troops - which would be nice if I even actually led any troops. For just martial bonus only swords are good.

I wrote top quality Magnum Opus on Ritualistic Theurgy, +1 intrigue, +1 stewardship, +1 learning, +0.50 monthly karma.

At age of 40 I became Great Maga of the Hermetic Society, like my mother and grandmother before me.

I started some tributary wars with intention to loot, and got Magnificent Painting (+0.25 monthly prestige) from Constantinople. I feel Constantinople should have some more unique loot.

Banning vassal wars did not reduce bordergore to any significant degree, so I allowed them again. The kind of wars which annoys me the most are viceroyalty abolition wars. What I'd like to see is laws which allow vassays to fight de jure wars to clean up borders, but nothing else.

Independence revolt broke Bengal Empire in half, but all the pieces are Buddhist so it's not my problem.

I helped Persia with a Sunni vassal who refused revocation, and Merv with Sunni claimant, but it was getting a bit boring with all my foreign policy goals being successful - and big enemy realms falling apart on their own without my help.

One I could help was Catholic duchy of Dauphne, whose heir was Buddhist, so I just make sure succession would happen a bit faster.

Pope declared crusade for France - and I was sure Italy was going to be the target every time. Nobody joined except 3 bugged pony clans and holy orders, so it was just a waiting game.

And at time when crusade was almost crushed, I got dysentery and died, leaving my realm to 14 strong genius daughter, who's now way over her demesne limit. Hilariously even at such a young age she can already use tier-3 Magna Opera, just not tier-4.

What's most infuriating about it is that game completely ignored my designated regent (older daughter with 26 stewardship) and instead picked up her 6 stewardship cousin, so I'm not 4 over demesne limit. This is such an old bug, how isn't it fixed yet?

Meanwhile elsewhere:

Zikri Granada got abolished in war, but pieces are still Zikri. I made them my tributaries while releasing the Sunnis so hopefully Sunni would be target of French and and my vassals. Score is 12:13 with Zikri being majority, but event doesn't trigger. I checked defines and they need 5 provinces more - it makes sense to avoid endless flipping, but it will be hard.

Catholics have much larger lead over Fraticelli 18:12, but there are also 4 Lollard and 1 Cathar counties.

One of vassals of Greece/Anatolia conquered Serbia, which basically split a third of Greece. That was short-lived as Greece got claims when that happened and pressed them almost right away.

23k Sunni uprising against Persia happened, but those bigger peasent rebellion sizes mean quite little since they suffer regular attrition, and late game attrition is CK2 is just ridiculous. I rarely play so late game, but it's just silly.

Buddhist Bedouin count of Tabuk got 55k event horde. He got himself Socotra. So far late game hordes are underperforming.

Greek vassal got Serbia, splitting it, but it recovered soon

The Legendary +2 Axe
It's the only artifact with purple name.

Looting some paintings.
I only got one of them (tooltip said both are paintings), I don't think it's possible to have multiples of any artifact.

Change of approach

Zikri-Lollard Holy Wars. Just as in real history.

Traits say stewardship education is horrible idea and she should be a diplomat
Horoscope said she'll be a steward
Whom should I believe?

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