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Prussian Amazons: Part 64: 1233-1241: Fall of the 7th Caliphate

Viceroy Gauronas of Italy was a secret Monophysite. He went on revocation spree, getting 10 duchies, so I thought he might be up to something, but it seems to be just boring tyrrany. Not even his children knew, and after his death it 5-way gavelkinded into a bunch of double-duchies.

As far as I can tell, secret Monophysites don't even know about each other, as his vassal countess of Lucca was one as well, and when I console switched they didn't see each other's trait.

The feature seems a bit weird, as doge of Athens was simultaneously a secret Buddhist and an open Buddhist. Like, was he a secret Buddhist who came out? Not sure why, as Athens is nowhere near any infidel.

Emir of Kerman was double Buddhist as well - but at least in his case it makes some sort of sense, as Persia has been battleground of Sunni-Buddhist wars for generations.

Being a secret something just gives two buttons - to switch to one religion or the other for good.

There's also apparently a decision to found secret society, and that's where the actual features are, but of people I tested only emir of Kerman has access to it, and it's not clear why others don't. I think you're supposed to be able to either create society, or see it on the list, but they have access neither way - and savegame claims none of such socities exist.

Maybe that's 2.7 conversion problem as well? It feels like the whole feature would work a lot better 200 years ago.

I did some infidel looting, and I managed to loot:

  • Longsword (+2 martial +1 personal combat skill +0.5 monthly prestige) to replace my lance (+1 martial +1 personal combat skill +0.25 monthly prestige)
  • Weeping Statue of the Virgin Mary (which does nothing as I'm not Christian)
  • Strange Chest - nobody knows with what inside

I've been sending my apprentice and councillors on treasure hunts, but nothing came out ot them so far, just a lot of wasted money. At least looting has decent success rate.

I got severely injured and disfigured in a hunting accident, which would be quite convenient as my heir was 19 year old genius, but my stack of positive health modifiers is just silly. That's still -4 diplomacy, reducing it to just 29.

After my lover died, I became a drunkard, but thanks to Buddhist ambition that went away pretty quickly.

I really wanted to destroy the caliphate, so I helped Merv expand into caliphate and installed claimant to Khiva. That led to instant Merv-Khiva war between two emirs I installed, and caliph attacked Merv.

I helped Merv, captured caliph, hanged him, and since a baby inherited the caliphate, I could finally press a claimant to Samarkand, and that destroyed the damn thing.

It only worked because Merv got the only county caliphate had that wasn't de jure Samarkand, otherwise caliph would stay as count vassal.

I strategically released some Catholic and Sunni tributaries I wanted to see attacked - or whom I wanted to loot instead. That's a fairly easy way to get rid of them them with minimum effort.

Adana/Coloneia event horde defended itself from Greek attack, then won subjugation war against Syria, but it seems whole war was targetting Anatolia not Syria, so he got 1 county for all his trouble. After that the horde was pretty much spent, so second Greek attack got most of its lands.

I'm a bit concerned about Greece, but since they created Anatolia as secondary kingdom, maybe I could just split that?

Kingdom of Arabia got destroyed, but Egypt holds or is in line to inherit most of it, so it will probably reunite at some point.

Imagine if Greece, Anatolia, Syria, Egypt, and Arabia ended up in hands of one person, as seemed likely a few generations ago? That would be scary.

Persia managed to subjugate Baluchistan, but that's gavelkind, so good luck holding to that.

Punjab is happily subjugating the last Hindu duchy, so hopefully that's the last I'm seeing Hindus.

Glitched horde. She accepted vassalization, so random vassal has 40k horde.

Hopefully that's the last one
There's only one landed male Sunni sayyid left - count of Baalbek under Syria
There's tons of Buddhist sayyids though, so there's some risk

Zikri 10 - Sunni 37
Fraticelli 11 - Catholics 35
And a lot of Sunni and Catholic land is in Buddhist hands, so it could still happen

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