Monday, March 20, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 72: 1308-1321: Complete Set of Great Works

I made it so immortal characters can write multiple Magna Opera, wrote the remaining ones and gave away quality-3 my ancestors wrote to rewrite them properly too.

The gathering to create Hermetic inventions can happen once every 14 years of peace - well, it's really damn hard to stay at peace, so I disabled that check just like I disabled many previous peace checks. So far none of them triggered, but there's still like 120 years to go.

There were 6 characters over 90, so I invited them all over. I killed 3 of them, 3 others died natural death very quickly. I actually have two immortals at court, but Halima helped me achieve immortality, and I'm friends with the other too, so they can live, for now. Sadly EU4 converter doesn't convert commanders and doesn't even have immortal traits for them, immortal martial 29 commander would be quite useful - that would be like 5/5/4/2 maybe.

There are probably other immortals, but they didn't reach age at which it becomes obvious. It would be really funny if it turned out I'm not the only immortal on conversion.

Emperor Jaspert of Francia accused me of piracy and broke our alliance. Well, if he wants to see piracy, I can show him some! Of course I got no useful loot except some gold and prestige.

I was trying to clean up some borders, but annoyingly when I declare for my vassal duke's de jure claim, and that duke dies, war ends inconclusively. Weirdly when that war ended, our non-aggression pact which he broke got automatically reestablished. It's a bit silly.

The Assassins resurfaced in Alamut, which I took from them once before. Now they're called "Fedayeen". I'm not really sure what's going on, presumably some secret society stuff. Unlike the Hashshishim, Fedayeen did not get destroyed upon becoming unlanded.

Somehow I inherited 2 Silk Road trade posts, nowhere near my past or present demesne. I can't give them away - they just sit there and give me free money.

I revoked protection from Zikri minors in Spain, and replaced them with Buddhists. I mean, in the end it's just a different flavor of kebab, and all kebab needs to be removed.

In one of my werewolf episodes I ate my granddaughter, but nobody knows that, so it's all right.

South Indian blob recreated Deccan Empire.

Another event horde emerged - OPM Buddhist Mongol feudal duke of Syr Darya. And as usual he wasted his event troops on minor wars for one county at a time.

Previous horde Bektashi Order got decided to actually use it to abolish duchy of Zhetysu, one where I started Arslan of Ili campaign really long time ago.

Second Assassin order - I unlanded them, but that doesn't destroy this one

I don't think I've ever seen this one 

Map expanded a bit since then, but it's as backwards as ever
With Mongol Empire collapsing, steppes are getting feudal

Borders change much more slowly now that I'm not undermining every foreign country

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