Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 59: 1190-1200: Initiate of the Hermetic Society

I modded societies so that Kali Worshippers are available to all Indian religions, open or secret, not just the Hindus and secret Hindus. Dev Notes implied that this is how it would work.

I also made Hermetics available to Indian religions. They're open to all other nonpagans, and even some pagans, so it's a fairly weird restriction.

Indian religions have so little content already, it's just silly they excluded them here.

The only religion that got less were West African Pagans, and I have no idea how they didn't get Voodoo. Like come on Paradox, seriously?

To make things more fun I adjusted game rules to increase random horse spawn rate, increased peasant strength, and a few such tweaks.

There are still two problems - there's a bunch of non-anime portraits, and bigger interface mod needs updating for 2.7, but I'll handle it for now.

And of course the new patch completely fucked up my message settings.

The campaign goals for now are:

  • explore available societies
  • save Buddhism from secret infidels, devil worshipers, caliphs, popes, claimants, and unruly peasants
  • build up nice stash of artifacts and relics
  • move my demesne to better places, like Brandenburg and Denmark

It's not clear if all artifacts (especially Christian and Muslim ones) will spawn same as if I started the game with the expansion. Many are linked to existing titles, for example HRE or pre-HRE Lombardy gets Iron Crown of Lombardy, and now I just don't see it. Oh well, we'll just roll with it for now.

So first thing is at age of 52 it's a bit late to start worshipping devil, but it's fine to do some science.

I plotted to get county of Lubeck - it's not part of my target, but it's a good start to spread some tech points there.

I wrote a paper on astronomy, maybe borrowing a few things from other authors, but unfortunately I got discovered. I built laboratory, but someone broke into it, explosion happened, and nothing was left.

I made my genius 20/10/15/8/20 daugher my apprentice, we gathered some herbs together. I did some stargazing with leader of my society, as well as other fun science stuff with other members.

I tried to steal some secrets from another member's laboratory, but got caught.

I got a sword for 22k gold, which just shows how silly scaling costs to income is. And then I didn't get the sword, because smith died, and I only recovered half the cash.

I managed to gather 7 ingredients to my vault, but it's not clear if they even do anything

Greece declared war for Egypt in name of his concubine. On one hand target is my granddaughter. On the other hand, does she really need 3 kingdoms? Well, I had to join the war, so I captured the claimant and threw her into a snake pit.

Then my granddaughter decided to marry brother of Panjabi sultan in a regular marriage, so much for my dynasty spreading.

County of Bedford got event horde, but it's surrounded by me lands from every side, so not even sure what good that would do.

Thanks to lucky rolls I managed to destroy 2 cultures which were reduced to just 1 county.

Zikri kingdom of Granada emerged. I don't think Zikri even have a caliphate so that's fine. Samo with Lollard Luxembourg, and various Fraticelli peasants in Mali.

My vassal Georgia is trying to abolish Persia. So far it doesn't seem to be working.

The Most Enlightened Horse, Arhat of Buddhist Monks

Georgia and Bengal are eating into Sunni lands
I'm busy doing Science!

You can tell Lubeck by just how green it is, after just 10 years
Target demesne is Pomeralia (Danzig), Brandenburg, and Slesvig/Jylland
The last one is awful at tech

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