Thursday, March 9, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 61: 1207-1214: Best Empress Ever

First thing I needed to do was ask for higher rank in the society - I had a lot of esoteric power accumulated, but I was still at lowest rank. I wonder if there's any way to level up before I inherit.

Then I had to get my husband killed, as he provided too little demesne bonus.

I ramped up horde frequency when I upgraded the patch, and count of Bedford got a second horde - bringing his numbers to 98k. I guess there are fewer and fewer legitimate independent minors nowadays, and only counts and dukes can get horde event. He attacked France in Great Subjugation War, but there was one big problem - he was landlocked.

Sadly France had some holdings in Britain, and I didn't really feel like letting him win, so it was another tributary war. I defeated him in a 64k vs 88k naval landing - that's what 21/23/23 vs 0/4/0 commander battle looks like. Hordes get very little action, most are just squished by me before getting anywhere.

I stacked positive modifiers, and soon I got to 33/13/20/19/41, which is a rather ridiculous skill level. Best I remember anyone not child on satan having. And I have some more ideas on how to level up even higher:

  • staying on family focus has event that would let me level up diplomatic education (for now I'm too busy making babies)
  • writing Magnum Opus would bring me points (I'm second in line behind 76 year old grand maga)
  • we could find more artifacts (my steward is busy searching)

I didn't want to blob, so I used plotting against my vassals to get some lands for my children in Sweden and Scotland. I'm really trying to just move my demesne, but I prefer to be opportunistic instead of going on a tyrranical revocation spree.

I got artifact from one of the sieges - but it was just Collar of Pearls wint +0.10 monthly prestige and +1 vassal opinion. I wish pope was landed - he'd have a nice stash of items. I can't even really raid much, as most of the world is Buddhist, and you can't raid coreligionists.

As for world events:

  • My sultan of Baluchistan somehow won against a revolt
  • I replaced the last Orthodox OPM with a Buddhist.
  • Catholic : Fraticelli ratio got to 42:15. Sadly Fraticelli Mali is losing to Catholic revolt, so it will probably revert.
  • Mali is facing Catholic host, Catholic claimant faction war, Catholic peasant revolt, and joint Fraticelli/Catholic independence revolt. It does not seem too hopeful, and I'm not sending troops to the desert for it
  • Sunni : Zikri ratio got to 58:7, as Sunni sultan of Granada is doing quite well.
  • Syria is facing 3 revolts, but due to bordergore it looks like it's 10.
  • The Hindu infidels created kingdom of Lanka.

Double Horde. I could have let it take over France, I didn't mostly due to game's broken warscore system - if they attacked me they couldn't actually defeat me, but there was a risk of them getting 100% warscore with "get everything" CB.

Syrian Civil War. And they say games aren't realistic.
At least here everybody's Buddhist.

These stats are almost ridiculous.

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