Thursday, March 2, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 57: 1174-1190: Egyptian Subjugation of Syria

Egypt attacked Syria in subjugation war. Due to marriage between sultana and my son I was forced to join that war. Both side were at 24k, and I had no intention of sending my troops.

If Egypt won and then Greece inherited that, it would be true Eastern Roman Empire, and that's the last thing I want. Well, my son was married to the sultana, so there was a chance our dynasty will get it all, but she was frail, gay, and trusting, so she'd probably die before having any children.

I even wanted to send sultan of Syria some gold, but apparently I can't while we're at war. And eventually Egypt won. Now a sickly baby of my family is in line to inherit it all.

Next in line is grandmother of king of the now much blobbed Greece, which managed to expand by 5 duchies in a year by conquest, lucky inheritance, and peaceful vassalization.

It could really get scary. Or it could just gavelkind apart, with independence revolt fragmenting the pieces.

Well, the sultana died in suspicious circumstances, leaving my granddaughter in charge. And of course 3 vassal rebellions in a row, with which I had to help.

4th Sunni Caliphate emerged in Granada. This time it took over 6 years, and it lasted a bit less than 6 years before I unlanded it.

Sunni count of Fes got 45k event horde. That was another potential caliphate, so I just tributary warred them and destroyed most of the horde.

Pope declared another crusade for Italy on the clock. Nobody really showed up for the crusade. 4 holy orders, 2 OPMs. Like not even 20k troops total, and even holy orders took their sweet time to join. There's actually a good number of Catholics left, but they're mostly my tributaries. This victory finally managed to drive Catholic moral authority down to 0.

I'm quite amazed by how much progress I made. Starting the reign at 3/6/7/10/7, I got to 10/14/16/25/13 - gaining 3 levels of education, ambitious, poet, just, as well as various bonuses from personal castle. I've never seen a character improve that much.

I made sure Shia lost their last county. But then some Sunnis inherited whole duchy.

And I finally converted my capital. That's of little importance now, but it would be hell to convert in EU4.

I did nothing to help Egypt, but it won anyway

My granddaughter was next in line to this blob.
A bunch of relatives died, so Greeks are unlikely to get it now.
Syria is primo, Egypt/Arabia are gavelkind.

There's a lot of unification happening everywhere.
Punjab subjugated Delhi, so there are no Hindus except Sinhala

Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain are top three religions
Next are Sunni, Catholic, and Fraticelli
Mali even has antipope

Big blob cultures dominate, but there's a lot of ugly noise.
My granddaughter went Egyptian culture.

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