Thursday, March 9, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 60: 1200-1207: The Great Maga Weslikan

Finally the rest of the mods got updated, so I have cultural bonuses back after short break.

CK2 now has an option to mark decisions as important, but it doesn't remember your selection, and you have to redo it every time to reload.

My granddaughter died under suspicious circumstances, losing Egypt/Arabia/Syria. Then the sultan died, Syria got inherited by a Sunni, but my very quick intervention saved the day.

I found a Tongue of a Famous Holy Man, which is not exactly an amazing relic.

Original magus of the Hermetic society died, and I was just one accident away from taking leadership. Turns out that accident happened.

I called for a great debate. First one bugged out, second one I won. Just had some fun with the society. I even trained my daughter Gulbis II and she became an initiate.

And I also worked on my Magnum Opus on Universal Panacea, which grants +2 learning and +0.50 health, but only if you 20 learninng or belong to Hermetic Society.

All that health wasn't enough, as I died at age of 69, leaving my realm to genius daughter Gulbis II, 24/10/14/6/25 before I even start boosting her stats. She has potential to be the best ruler ever.

Gulbis inherits ongoing war to put Buddhist claimant on throne of Baluchistan.

As of events elsewhere, custom cultanat of Esfahan ended, with its sultan losing all the lands.

And Mali went Fraticelli, which actually hugely helped Catholic moral authority, as at least their anti-papacy ended. I think if Fraticelli take over as main Catholic religion pope won't be able to call any more crusades, but I'm not absolutely sure of it.

Right now it's 51 Catholic, 12 Fraticelli, 4 Lollard, 2 Waldensian, and 1 Cathar. I don't think it's something actionable right now, but if Fraticelli faith in Mali sticks and converts the peasants, I might be able to contribute to this as well.

The Hermetic Society has new Maga in charge

The Science was not so great for my health

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