Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 68: 1272-1280: Final Humiliation of the Infidels

It was time for another map cleanup. I gave France, Greece, Egypt, and Nubia empire-tier titles; turned custom Tigris into real Mesopotamia, and cleaned up de jure map to match this.

Persia could get imperial title as well, but unlike others it didn't prove itself stable. I'm playing with mods that make it easy to destroy titles, so maybe recreating should become easier as well?

Of course king of Syria did not take it well and declared abolition war on Egypt's new Arabian Empire, but the newly restored empire survived that.

To hide my worship of Kali Parusha I went on Buddhist pilgrimage, and got depressed and cynical.

I even appointed my horse as chancellor to really throw everybody off the track. Would Kali worshiper really appoint a horse chancellor? Then since I'm arbitrary I changed my mind, abducted him, and sacrificed him to Kali. Turns out he was a virgin, getting me 10x as much dark power. Such a strong attractive horse and nobody wanted him yet? Oh well, more dark power for me.

I quickly got to second position in the cult, and as a good Kali worshipper I tried my best to kill the Brahminrakshasa - with plotting and dark power.

Dark power gave him disease, but he healed himself somehow, possibly also using dark power.

I tried to plot, but as count under duke under viceroy under me there was very limited plotter pool. I finally got an idea - I gave him titular viceroyalty of Visby, then told Germany he's no longer his vassal, which went OKish, as that's not de jure Germany. As direct vassal and known satanist basically everybody in my realm could join the plot.

Sadly he went into hiding, plot never triggered, and even cancelling it to bait him out failed.

I even got the plague myself - I wonder if it was his doing - but used dark powers to heal it.

Weirdly I turned into a werewolf and ate my physician. Why can't I eat Brahminrakshasa? Hermetic Society can have multiple magi, so it's not a big deal if leader lives, but Kali Parusha cult has limit on one Brahminrakshasa, so I need to kill the previous holder to get access to all powers.

And I got another attempt at immortality. After very expensive search a West African pagan with 32 marshal appeared, and I made her my marshal. She made me sacrifice a ridiculously expensive antelope. Let's see how it goes. Immortal 6/6/6 ruler in EU4 would be interesting. Dev Notes claim this actually works.

My project to make Fraticelli dominant over Catholics succeeded! And then Zikri triumphed over Sunnis. I don't want to just destroy them, I want to humiliate them first.

Religious stats:

  • Indian: 1063 Buddhist, 78 Hindu, 46 Jain
  • Christians: 14 Fraticelli, 10 Catholic, 4 Lollard
  • Muslims: 13 Zikri, 8 Sunni
  • Others: 1 Zoroastrian

I wasn't really thinking much about it, but I scored some big wins for my dynasty:

  • granddaughter of my claimant to Merv married my brother and managed to establish kingdom of Khiva with my help.
  • my cousins got Rajastan andh were even fighting over it with each other
  • my (non-dynastic) nephew holds Bengal Empire, and if anything happens to him his sister is bethroted to my brother

Marienburg maxed out every possible building. I'm just 3 economic techs from max, and it's quite a while until end of the game, so I might even max out my whole demesne.

666 Dark Power
A dark prophecy of 6/6/6 immortal ruler in EU4 coming?
It's about 10% chance IIRC

Trying to get to the top
I can't even blatantly arrest him as he's hiding

Take that Pope! 

Chancellor horse blood brings dark powers

I think this is unrelated to Kali Purusha, pursuit of immortality, or Glitterhoof
It's just a side effect of going lunatic
This is the most magical reign I've ever had

Could it work this time? My first attempt ended tragically

Take that all the damn Caliphs!

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