Monday, April 3, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 81: 1399-1411: Death of Halima

Halima, the 29-martial immortal who gave me the gift of immortality, died searching for artifact at age of 156. The same happened to my next marshal, much younger. And then the whole search failed anyway. It's not even clear to me what they've been searching for.

There's only one other person above 100 years old in the world, and something tells me she won't survive long.

I discovered that game bugged out, and my son born after death of my husband was Askhenazi Jew, as if it forgot it was martilineal on his death.

I lost shy trait, so there's some hope for my diplomacy yet. If I could get rid of cruel and deceitful please.

I got Nubia for my descendants, in theory 65k troops and awful inland attrition would be easy to defend, but AI always falls for "rest of the troops hiding on boats" trick and there's no attrition during battles.

That left former double king with Abyssinia, but a vassal formerly married to one of my great great granddaughters (and with appropriate heir) rebelled so I helped clear that problem too.

Massive subjugation war erupted between Arabia and Syria vs Khiva and Rajastan. I sent Khiva some money. My tributaries are routinely near-bankrupt, so Arabia is fighting at -25% morale penalty, but I guess they'll manage to win in the end due to sheer size difference.

Either tributary tax needs to be seriously reduced (like 40% to 20%), or some restrictions to calls to arms introduced - right now it's silly, but it's too late in campaign to worry about it anyway.

Queen of Saryupara burned through all her event troops before she died, but she got herself very impressive kingdom with them, leaving it to my great grandson.

I waged a few border cleanup wars, so Sicily is finally de jure under me.

Asturias fell off France, with some help from me.

I managed to convert the last Jain province, leaving just Buddhist everywhere and 26 Hindu provinces. I doubt AI will clean them all out for 1444, but it's pretty close for a non-WC game.

Nubia and Abyssinia got reunified, with my 6th generation grandson as heir.

There was a small independence rebellion against Deccan, and I sent troops over. That resulted in emperor's brother pressing his claim. And actually - why don't they vary those title - not just "Deccan Revolt", but some "Rebellion", "Confederation", "Faction", "League" etc. It gets really confusing when there are 3 or more.

After independence revolt won, I left it for my descendants to figure it out who's going to rule the now a bit smaller empire. Then again, since previous emperor has strong claim on all rebels I doubt they'll survive long.

Nubia intervention

I hoped for a bigger one, but I'll take what I can

Which Revolt is our Revolt?

Deccan is a bit small, but I doubt it will last, especially not beyond 1444

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