Monday, April 10, 2017

God Empress of Prussia: Part 01: 1444: Introduction

Time to continue Prussian Amazons CK2 campaign!

Short term goal, is to bring religious unity to the Greater Prussia (HRE), discovering New World, and getting age achievements.

Challenging parts short term:

  • Greater Prussia is 170 countries, 95 of which are Vajrayana infidels who didn't get the memo on imperial cult, so imperial authority is falling down fast. By the way I suspect something might have gone wrong with conversion here, but it's an added challenge so I'll just roll with it.
  • I can't realistically get much imperial authority from adding provinces
  • with immortal ruler I get no imperial authority from succession
  • with same culture HRE everywhere, expanding anywhere by force will generate ridiculous levels of AE

Long term challenges will be:

  • unifying Greater Prussia
  • completely removing Aztecs and everybody else
  • becoming emperor of China
  • at which point I might just as well make it a world conquest
  • harmonizing Confucianism with every possible religion, but only after I get imperial unification and age of reformation bonuses. I can't harmonize Vajrayana before then.
There's only Coptic 2 province minor next to Nubia controlling cold mine, so I'll doubt they'll survive, so I'll probably miss Christian harmonization. I won't get Judaism and Zoroastrian harmonization either. I should be able to get others - one per religion in my group (Vajrayana, Mahayana, Theravada, Shinto), and one per foreign religious group (Pagan, Muslim, Dharmic). Dharmic seems hard, but there are some Hindus in Indonesia.

But first, what I'm working with:

  • 36 provinces, only 30 of them in states because I'm above state limit, and converter map doesn't match EU4 state borders
  • 739 development (some earlier conversions test had it at 781, but then I hit tech cap and other lands caught up somewhat)
  • 3 centers of trade: Vestjylland, Nordjylland (Jylland CK2 county turned into 4 provinces, including 2 CoTs next to each other, huh?), Warmia. In vanilla I'd get Danzig, L├╝beck, and Hamburg instead, so it's basically even. Every test moved them to slightly different places.
  • 5 estuaries - Riga, Danzig, Stettin, Hamburg, and Bremen
  • also Sjaelland tolls, and Skane market for more economic bonuses
  • in total 46 gold/turn
  • 153 land force limit and 69 naval force limit
  • Oh and I didn't get Prussian traditions. I'm "old Prussian" not "new Prussian".

And I start with one age objective completed since I control a city with 30+ development.

Converted countries. Shape of known world is pretty much list of converted provinces.
Wasteland like Arabia (which converter isn't aware of) creates terra incognita gaps

French yellow next to Prussian yellow
Italian green next to 3 Arab greens

Greater Prussia

Sneak Peak into Terra Incognita
Everybody in New World except for 5 countries has High American, so they huge unit bonuses
We'll see how institutions will work for them

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