Saturday, April 8, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 83: 1428-1444: End of The Middle Ages

I thought the time of major border changes is over, but in last decade Deccan subjugated Lanka, Arabia got Syria as claimant, and Mongol khan settled down as king of Anxi, from which Altay split, leaving little to the horde, but they have more just off the known map.

I had a bunch of random inherited claims which I wanted to clean up, and I managed to accidentally trigger a rebellion in process.

My vassal inherited Bihar, which was just too silly, so I set her free.

Byzantium also inherited a few counties in Spain, which somehow ignored all my laws.

I prevented France from taking over Castille, and then helped rebels split Brittany off France.

Two more court chaplains died in artifact search, but in spite of so many deaths, and so many penalties I accepted, nothing ever came out of it.

Fraticelli Teutonic Order, located in deep Siberia, got the last event horde, but did nothing with it.

I finally became ambitious with like 20th attempt at writing ambitious theorem paper, so my final stats are pretty sweet.

Technically EU4 starts 11.11.1444, but I left a few months just in case I need to advance time during conversion. Next part will just document full conversion process, as that's a lot of steps to take.

The last rebellion, I didn't even notice he'd say no

Anxi settled down, then broke into pieces

Random horde mod was fun addition, but its impact was far less than numbers would suggest

My traits improved somewhat during the final years.

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