Sunday, April 9, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 84: 1444: Conversion to EU4

Empress Weslikan decided to openly announce her immortality, and institute Imperial Cult of the God Empress - which for sake of converter we'll just model as Confucianism, and it can harmonize with Vajrayana Buddhism just fine, with some effort.

All her direct descendants felt pretty damn good about being related to a living goddess, so they instantly converted, and so did peasants in their demesne. Everyone else was a lot less impressed.

Centuries of Prussian rule under one empire managed to preserve unity of Prussian culture.

Converting foreign realms:

  • all king tier characters become indepndent, as EU4 doesn't have vassal kings - this used to be more numerous group, now it's just Malwa, Lanka, Serbia, and Egypt - and of that only Egypt is significant
  • all merchant republics become independent - that's Normandy, Damieta, and Kerman
  • normally each country gets permanent claim on all their de jure territory, so they can get them back fairly easily, but it felt too much mess so I removed them
  • since succession is not modeled, for characters where I really feel like succession would change things significantly (like very old kings of Nubia and Portugal with heirs of my dynasty), I'll just speed up succession a bit)

For Prussia:

  • it becomes HRE
  • since it's rather oversized HRE, I removed government rank limit, so I can become empress once I get more dev, and if anyone wants to be king, they can figure out a way to do so
  • all viceroyalties are destroyed
  • since EU4 doesn't have counts, I transferred a few and did some de jure cleanup, but it's mostly as it was
  • and just a tiny bit of effort to reduce border gore a bit
  • after all that I granted select powerful vassals (destined to be electors) king tier titles, but no vassals got any land beyond what they'd have as jure dukes or multidukes

And generally:

  • all wars white peaced
  • all claims removed
  • all tributaries removed (not like converter cares, just for screenshots)
  • conversion to Confucianism for all my descendants and their demesne

That's not the end of it, as after conversion I still needed to:

  • remove all permanent claims I had
  • turn off HRE religious peace - it has one official religion
  • cleanup conversion bugs
  • merge parts of Fun and Balance mod which were relevant

Couldn't be bothered to create new Confucian religion for one day, so I just reused Hellenic tag for Imperial Cult
My direct descendants directly rule most of the map

The final map

The final technology map
My very brief possession of some Scottish land has so much impact even now
I'd be far ahead if I wasn't at tech cap
In the end Prussia was second in tech behind Luxembourg

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