Tuesday, April 11, 2017

God Empress of Prussia: Part 03: 1453-1460: The First Colony

I asked a bunch more countries to be my tributaries. I'm getting a total of 7 bird mana and 2412 men per year, which isn't exactly amazing, but there aren't that many sources of free mana out there.

My tributary of Ural and Ming tributary of Anxi border each other. So that conflict might come quite soon.

I've been fighting my vassals to remove heresy and to prevent them from eating each other too much.

Mazovia dared to flip back to their infidel ways, but heretic count is down 95 to 43. Total count is down 170 to 166. I'm basically keeping a schedule of nice wars to start, going for quantity.

There's a good number of infidel vassals with over 100% warscore cost, who'd need some more creative approach, but any infidel costs same amount of imperial authority, so they're really lowest priority. Eventually when passing 7th reform I'll need everybody's vote, but that's very far in the future.

Due to ways territorial cores work I got two provinces - Ust-Vym (3 dev in Siberia) and Neva (5 dev with estuary) with free cores by demanding unlawful territory. By old rules it would be really hard for original owner's cores to be destroyed, but here it already happened twice.

Apparently I can't colonize anything, as even distance from Iceland to miserable Greenland is just a bit too much, even with colonial range advisor, and next bonus is at tech 7. Seriously? Amazingly Azores are just barely in range from Caux.

I made age bonuses not tag-specific, as it's especially silly in converter games.

Byzantium and Deccan have been blobbing quite well, but institutions are going to wreck them. I have decent chance of getting all of them - if I colonize, build up best trade node, spam manufactories and universities, that's 4 institutions.

Printing press can happen anywhere with 20 dev (why 20 here and 21 for Renaissance? no idea), so that's more competitive - but it also requires admin 12, so a lot of alternatives will be behind.

I did a quick sneak peak and amazingly thanks to my nerfs Mings only just got its mandate growth to positive - but I'm sure they'll pass all reforms by the time I get there. And Aztecs are attacking Incas and winning.

I discovered that I got this province when someone occupied it
I thought it'd be returned to original owner

Just a bunch of wars here and there 

Seduction Focus

There's a lot of infidels out there
I got IA up to +1.32/year, or about 340 years to unify

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