Sunday, April 30, 2017

God Empress of Prussia: Part 17: 1573-1582: Five Million Rebels

The game fucked up again with most of my subjects not joining my war. I fucking hate bugs. Nothing is as immersion breaking as bugs that require reloading.

The bug is 100% reproductible, so if I start another war with New Prussia's claims from same save, I get same subset of my subjects joining. No difference if I try claim on different province. It works if I try West Indies' claim, so I do that instead.

I'd suspect it might have something to do with high number of subjects, but DDRJake had same bug with just 3 subject.

Havana wargoal was much worse, as it forced me to wait for my war fleet to sail all the way from China before warscore could ticking - otherwise I'd have it immediately.

Aztecs seized my colony on island off Alaska coast. That's first time I see AI use this function. In reverge, I burned down their two colonies in Brazil.

I didn't want to constantly flip the screen, so before Ming truce was over I just grabbed Carribean and one fort from the Aztecs, for a bit over 50% warscore.

And then Ming war suffered from the same stupid subject not joining bug. I disabled scuttage on the few vassals who had it, tried again, and this time everybody joined. But not sure if that's directly connected, or just gets another roll of the RNG.

Ming was busy fighting Rajastan, defending their no longer existent tributary of Mong Yang, from Rajastani conquest of Bhutan, which was mine for quite some time now. Because I held it, neither side could get ticking warscore, so their silly war continued.

Amazingly when Ming was losing to me and Rajastan, the Aztecs declared war for mandate of heaven on them.

The Ming war was hilariously quick and easy - I took 253% overextension for it.

I got the usual local separatist revolts, for which I was prepared - and also 1735k peasant revolts. Like, what kind of bullshit is this? I really didn't want to fight them, so I gave them 20% autonomy every provine with peasants as primary rebel type. It sounds painful, but really it's just 34 years to get it all abck at my current autonomy loss rate - or 12 at peace if I were so inclined.

I get so much of my income from trade, that autonomy isn't even really that big of a deal.

Then I got 800k particularists, who wanted 30% autonomy in a bunch of other provinces. I can live with that. It also increased influence of merchant guilds, so I had to revoke all their toys.

And of course everybody else rebelled too. The most annoying of them were separatist revolts in provinces which were never anybody else's cores to begin with. Trade company region provinces unfortunately keep their wrong culture, and apparently that can spawn separatists now.

I'm not sure how many rebels I got. Something close to 4-5 million. And that's with -2 unrest advisor.

I integrated 15 more vassals, and used ally-then-tributarize technique on the remaining independent New World and Central African minors.

Even after I crushed all rebels, that's not the end of my problems, as now merchants have 85% influence, and are on course for plutocratic coup - even after I revoked their land. Best I can do is destroy my own trade income for a while, but even that it's not really clear how effective will be at avoiding the coup.

World conquest progress:
  • own: 6122 ⇒ 7125
  • vassal: 5542 ⇒ 4899
  • colony: 590 ⇒ 710
  • tributary state: 3061 ⇒ 3408
  • foreigners: 6815 ⇒ 6337
  • uncolonized: 1321 ⇒ 1211

Another Aztec war with so far to go before reaching their forts

 Ming's armies were busy with Rajastan, so nobody was really even defending

First Sunset Invasion, and now this?
So far ticking warscore is to Ming's advantage, as wargoal is Ming's capital

This is totally reasonable
In the future I'll stay under 200% OE - truce breaking is less painful than this

At least this I can totally handle
Most of those castles fell, so I have a lot of separatism everywhere, but I slowly recovered
In the end I lost like 400k-500k troops and had to rely on mercs for final months

After some integrations and expansion

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