Monday, May 1, 2017

God Empress of Prussia: Part 18: 1582-1589: Attempted Burger Coup

Aztec's attempt to get Ming's mandate failed by ticking warscore, and had to pay reparations, but they first took advantage of silly bug in current patch and separate peaced Ming's Alaska CN for some land.

I've been threatened by a plutocratic coup, so I actively tried to reduce my trade income - I slowed it down by bringing it from just over 50% (+10% burgers influence) to just under 50% (+5% burgers influence). I wondered if I could reduce it under 25% (-5% burgers influence), but the only way to do so would require moving my trade capital to a silly place - even diverting every flow away from the English Channel, I just couldn't make it work. That's how overpowered end nodes are.

Fortunately estate events happen on an strict and predictable timer, so I had one shot at avoiding the disaster last minute. And if not, it would only cost me 200 bird mana and something like 3k gold to avoid.

Once that got resolved, losing me a good amount of money, I attacked Korea and their buddies Oirat. Then I attacked Japan - who went for advanced strats and gave away wargoal to Shoni mid-war, so I wouldn't have ticking warscore.

Instead of continuously shuffling my 40 heavy fleet between Asia and Caribbean, and never having them on time where I needed them, I just split them, so I have freedom of naval movement on both theaters without necessarily going for total naval dominance. A lot of them got sunk fighting Japan, but that's just how heavies are - low construction price, high upkeep, and very expendable.

After that I had to deal with the Aztecs, and it was just as awkward as before. I got their periphery - rest of their backwards march Muisca for Venezuela, half of their lands in New Prussia, and their newly colonized lands in Brazil - 3 finished for my CN, 2 unfinished abandoned on peacing out.

After that I politely asked Rajastan for a low development border province so I have nice coastal border with Deccan, just in case.

World conquest progress:

  • own: 7125 ⇒ 8125
  • vassal: 4899 ⇒ 4353
  • colony: 710 ⇒ 896
  • tributary state: 3408 ⇒ 3532
  • foreigners: 6337 ⇒ 5822
  • uncolonized: 1211 ⇒ 1125

Whole Japanese army was on this tiny island, so it was one battle war
A lot more fighting happened on the sea, I lost 10 of 20 heavies, and captured 1
At least I won't have to pay for ships they sunk

 I feel like I've done this a few times by now
And I'll probably do it a few more times - I'm only taking peripheral regions
Aztecs had 30k in Brazil, everybody else in South Mexico

I thought they'd smash besieging stacks in bad terrain, but they only tried this once
Mostly they divided their armies and got smashed themselves
It doesn't help they had tech 13 to my 15

 This time going for 100%
Very hard to maneuver due to overlapping ZoCs with no clear rules
Aztecs managed to defeat quite a few of my small stacks, but big ones were safe

 Ming realizes just how useless their troops are, and throwing them out to eat attrition 

Decent chunk of land in Korea and Japan

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