Saturday, May 6, 2017

God Empress of Prussia: Part 22: 1618-1629: Court and Country

I broke alliance with the Inca, and I was just cycling through wars with everybody, and they didn't even want to join my Aztec wars as they were "too distant". Like they have anything better to do.

I got nearly 200% OE from Ming, and Court and Country crisis started ticking. I needed it to tick, as that's the only way to get higher max absolutism without tag switching shenanigans.

So I had two million peasants to fight, as well as another million of other rebels - and this time there was no accepting of anybody's demands.

Unfortunately that overextension didn't last long enough, so disaster wouldn't trigger. I reduced my stability to -2 on purpose just to make sure. Well, 3 million rebels dead, the crisis could finally start.

I hired a lot of extra generals, and a huge number of mercs - not because of manpower reasons, it's just faster this way. Merc cost me more upkeep than my regular army. Peasants even sacked my capitals for a while, which was fairly embarrassing, but we got it back quite quickly.

Oh and now I think I have a pretty good idea how to trigger it in controlled manner - just get unrest over 1 but less than your tolerance of true faith minus 2 (for wrong culture). This will trigger crisis, and make separatists rebel, but none of your core provinces will.

That wouldn't be possible for me, since as Confucian I have so dismally low tolerance of true faith (+3, mostly due to intergating all those religions all the time), so I can't do that - best I could do is keep it between 1 and 3, which would trigger separatists and wrong culture rebels - but it would still save me from peasants and particularists, so I'd be fighting a third of what I did.

And that definitely should be done with stability reduction, not overextension, for better control, and to avoid OE bonus to rebels and random events. If someone feels adventurous, they can delay coring, but that's hard to dig yourself out of.

The disaster felt rather underwhelming. It's -20% tax, -20% goods produced, -20 max absolutism, +2 unrest, and 10 year timer until it ends. But I spent all the mana to instantly get my stability from -2 to +3, and there weren't even that many people left to rebel - I just got a few tiny separatists that somehow didn't get included in previous round, and a few minor events.

Like, event spawning 13k rebels really doesn't impress after what I've just been through. Now I need to wait 10 years for all the events to happen.

Somehow Deccan and Rajastan decided to rival each other on their own, and went to war, after my futile previous attempt at having them do it.

That's nice, as my truces with both are done now, and they're still busy fighting.

World conquest progress:

  • own: 10417 ⇒ 10858
  • vassal: 3833 ⇒ 4011
  • colony: 1276 ⇒ 1569
  • tributary state: 3980 ⇒ 4146
  • foreigners: 4558 ⇒ 3821
  • uncolonized: 770 ⇒ 658

There are 10 independent foreign countries left. Quite soon, everyone will be a great power.

250k particularists is not too bad, right... 

First million peasants, second million came later
At least they're fighting particularists for me
On top of that, rebellions in China, Japan, Africa, Indonesia etc.

3 million dead rebels all agree - I am the State

Brazil decided to put three level-4 forts in a row in place which will never see any war just because

This was messy and bloody war, with level 4 mountain forts
Inca lost four such forts in the North, and one annoying fort in the South
It would be nice if La Plata and Brazil filled that wasteland between them 

New World is still dominated by two native blobs, but they've been cut in size somewhat

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