Thursday, May 4, 2017

God Empress of Prussia: Part 19: 1589-1599: New Patch New Wars

I updated the game to 1.21.1. That was rather messy - and there were 5 holes in the map for new provinces. One thing that would have mattered a lot that was too late to fix now was that in 1.21 trade company provinces do not spread institutions. That would have given me massive technology advantage. Well, too late now.

Deccan-Rajastan alliance I broke once happened again. I'm not sure why they won't simply rival echo other - they seem like natural enemies, each controlling half of India.

During my next Ming was I pondered getting mandate from them, but I let them keep it once more, as connecting my holdings in Mongolia, Korea, and South Chinese coast seemed more important, and these provinces took some crazy warscore to get.

Ming annoyingly managed to upgrade their forts to next level. Ming also managed to get defensive ideas, some discipline from national ideas, and +20% morale from some event that it could actually fight way better than during our previous war.

I took less than 200% OE, but there was still ridiculous rebellion on the way. Turns out that even unrest as low as 0.4%, multiplied by province count, makes million strong particularist and peasant revolts inevitable.

You don't normally see it, as you take religious (or humanist), and that brings tolerance high enough not to matter. However, I have neither, and Confucian zero Harmony (what you get for harmonizing nonstop) gives -3 tolerance of true faith, so my max reasonable OE is a good deal lower than a more "normal" country would have.

I gave nobility some land to get a lot of sword mana, used that to increase my legitimacy, just to increase tolerance of true faith slightly and get rid of that 0.4% unrest, which would cost me like 500k dead mercs. #MercLivesMatter. Just kidding, if I need to burn through millions of mercs, so be it.

With such tactics and some serious use of increase autonomy button I managed to limit rebellions to just China and Japan region. The button becomes basically banned starting next era, as it reduces absolutism, so I might just as well do it now.

Actually now that I think about it, maybe corruption button is the right way to reduce unrest in an emergency. -2% unrest for +10% mana costs is pretty expensive, but it would just be a temporary measure.

I had free time, so I attacked Deccan and Rajastan, but let them both get away with half the warscore - some Central Asian border cleanup.

World conquest progress:

  • own: 8125 ⇒ 9138
  • vassal: 4353 ⇒ 4016
  • colony: 896 ⇒ 974
  • tributary state: 3532 ⇒ 3632
  • foreigners: 5822 ⇒ 5291
  • uncolonized: 1125 ⇒ 1031

Amazingly there are only 14 foreign independent countries left. Soon everybody will be a Great Power, even OPMs.

 So many forts, and they did fairly little
At the end of the war Ming lost all their coastline
Next war will be end of their empire status

It must really suck to be a foreign ruler
You can also see some uncolonized gaps in Europe due to new provinces in 1.21

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