Monday, May 8, 2017

God Empress of Prussia: Part 23: 1629-1639: Everyone is Great Power now

Intervening in Deccan-Rajastan war by attacking both was fun.

I discovered that when you're attacking a force sieging a fort, they take the penalty, even if it's not your fort. And then when you defeat their army, you inherit all their siege progress. This could be useful.

Court and Country ended up with +10 max absolutism. The way the disaster is setup, I can only get +20 max absolutism when my max is already reasonably high - so not being a monarchy cost me twice, first -10 max absolutism, and then -10 from worse Court and Country outcome.

I now have max absolutism of 89 - in theory I could have 90 if I got my religious unity from almost-100% to 100%, it's silly rounding down system.

I passed final 5th Chinese reform March 1632, and that's with Fun and Balance mandate nerfs. They're not going even close to far enough.

I got Alaska from Ming, and expanded it from Aztec lands. Overall I grabbed a lot of minor islands from pretty much everyone.

To clean up the map I've been settling leftover African provinces, as that causes wasteland to take my color.

Everybody remaining is a Great Power, 4 of them are legit:
  • Deccan 802
  • Incas 636
  • Rajastan  610
  • Aztecs 553
And 3 are a bit of a stretch
  • Nubia 206 (awkwardly split between coastal and deep inland parts)
  • Arabia 126 (would be fully annexable if half of their lands weren't deep inland)
  • Ming 85 (I could have fully annexed them previous war, but it was not worth the OE)
My tributaries Egypt and Kilwa have been repeatedly fighting Nubia and Arabia, quite successfully. Both used to be a lot bigger, and in case of Nubia, I didn't take any of their land.

World conquest progress:
  • own: 10858 ⇒ 12518
  • vassal: 4011 ⇒ 3031
  • colony: 1569 ⇒ 1757
  • tributary state: 4146 ⇒ 4374
  • foreigners: 3821 ⇒ 3017
  • uncolonized: 658 ⇒ 558
Deccan took my island, I took their island

China is almost taken
Indians pushed back into India

New World
I still lack 3 possible CNs, in Peru, Louisiana, and California

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