Sunday, April 16, 2017

God Empress of Prussia: Part 08: 1496-1507: Peace in the Empire

Byzantium, great power number 3, is no longer my valid rival, and I don't even see Ming, great power number 2. My explorer is in process of circumnavigating the world. Hopefully he'll find that Ming everybody's talking about, and maybe I'll be able to rival them. I wish there was any way whatsoever to mod possible rivals.

Aztecs developed Renaissance on Cuba. Which seems extremely pointless as it spread to Jamaica which is owned by my colonial nation, after Maya gave it to me peacefully. They got into another war with the Incas, and this time they lost, but in both cases these aren't big border changes.

I got colonialism in Hamburg. If I get printing press, I'll probably get every single institution origin. I even managed to get all 11 age bonuses - 7 regular ones, and 4 tag specific ones. The last few are rather useless.

Thanks to tiny colony in Delaware I managed to make half of North American countries into my tributaries.

I got into fight with Byzantium, with Khiva as non-cobeligerent, but actual main target. I got 4 provinces for Ural, bringing me a bit closer to Ming. I don't want to send any troops this way, as it's all atrociously low supply land.

I got a good chunk of Byzantium including 4 castles and 2 centers of trade, and that spawned a big 26-member coalition against me, and made empire members outraged.

There's actually quite a few coalitions around. Holland, Almeria, Kiev, Pannonia, are all coalition targets, maybe some more. And some countries are both in coalition and target of coalition.

I politely asked Kongo, Kiwa, and Mahafaly for trade ports, and they all obliged. I should be able to rich Indonesia in a decade.

I passed 4th reform Enact Gemeiner Pfennig in September 1501. I got to 50 authority in 1506, but everybody's outraged at my annexation of Byzantine lands, so I only passed Ewiger Landfriede in December 1507 with 65 authority. There's still 5 ongoing wars, but they shouldn't last too long.

This is still very fast pace, and next reform allows me to hold imperial vassals without using any slots, so I'll be able to extend my diplomacy. 7th is the hardest, as I need unanymous vote, not just majority, and I still want to expand into Byzantium and France. I guess I could always vassalize countries manually.

I want to reduce size of the coalition - so far I allied Arabia, which is a nice way to make countries leave coalition, and they're rivals of my future inevitable enemy Deccan. Now I'm improving relations with various mid-sized empire members and spending money influencing them - once only small countries are left coalition should fall apart.

France got a golden era.

Then Mazovia, Itil, Rus, Kiev, Bolghar, Azerbaijan, and Arabia all got golden era on same day - presumably whichever day they got map of America from me. And a few more countries later.

My empire currently has:
  • 115 provinces of demesne, worth 1445 development
  • 159 imperial princes
  • 1 non-imperial vassal Ural
  • 2 non-imperial allies - Inca and Arabia
  • 2 strong trade companies - West and South African
  • 3 weak colonial nations - Brazil, Caribbean, and La Plata (Canada, and Colombia in progress)
  • 26 tributaries on three continents

War with Mali was very easy, their troops fought Benin

War with Byzantium and Khiva
Nubia weirdly actually send some troops to defend Byzantium

Byzantine armies ignored own lands and decided the real war is Far North

Meanwhile I'm sieging down Byzantium
I managed to sink their whole fleet piecemeal, but tech 9 happened mid-war, so everybody will rebuild their fleets anyway

Peasant reinforcements. Peasants even captured Constantinople (war goal as Sinope's claim).
I took it second time without fighting the peasants to keep Byzantium busy at peace.

Incas and Maya attacking Aztecs and their march Muisca
Incas won but only a few provinces

My empire and its allies

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