Wednesday, April 12, 2017

God Empress of Prussia: Part 04: 1460-1469: Aztec Second Sunset Invasion Mission

I decided to give my vassals a break, and attacked France for Paris, calling in Africa. I'm actually a bit surprised none of my allies (Africa, Pannonia, Rus) bothered to call me into their wars yet. Maybe AI doesn't like calling in someone who's at war, and I've been at war most of the time.

Since their army was sitting on their capital at low maintenance, I crushed them in a single battle, and managed to carpet siege their mainland while they were recovering in Valencia.

I tried to use my colonial army (1 cog, 1 infantry) to sneak in and get Canaries (as occupation lowers warscore cost, at least sometimes), but that got sunk. So much for the first colonial armies, I'm sure new ones will come.

I got Paris (5th COT for age goals, even if in bad trade node), Normandy (best trade node), Canaries (for much needed colonial range), and a bunch of angry countries that were borderline-coalitioning me, so I preemptively declared on Normandy and friends before peaceing out France just to give them some time to reconsider.

After that I continued religious reforms - getting infidel vassal count all the way down to 23.

I tried to release annexed countries too, but game seems to be having some bugs here, with cores disappearing way too fast. I suspect that might have something to do with some countries having wrong primary culture set in files, and that somehow affect cores. I doubt converter games get much QA.

My ally Pannonia decided to vassalize elector Venice, which also wrecked my imperial authority - as much as 10 heretics would. I broke that alliance, but that's a lot of authority lost before I'll be able to intervene.

They also managed to get a massive coalition against themselves. Fun and Balance currently disables punitive wars, so coalitions can use regular CBs, or work defensively, so I doubt it will do much.

I got every single age objective, and for my bonuses I got:

  • +1 of each dev for every finished colony
  • +50 settler growth rate (Portuguese only in vanilla)
  • +33% siege ability (Ottoman only in vanilla)

As sieging down all those damn minors is just infuriating.

The age is still early, so I'll get a few more bonuses.

Fun stuff is happening elsewhere:

Apparently Aztecs can see Europe, and have mission which gives them claim on everything in France region (including some of my lands). Oh and both them and Incas are colonizing, but just on own continents for now.

Not only Deccan annexed their former vassal Turkestan, now Byzantium also vassalized Slavonia, both of which eroded my authority a bit.

Byzantines got Golden Era thanks to large city (Constantinople), 6 of 5 needed centers of trade (Constantinople, Kocaeli, Sinope, Macedonia, Ragusa - game insists there's a 6th but I can't see it), and presence on two continents (Europe and Asia).

I had plans to take Jolof in Africa, but Mali preempted me. I guess nothing really stops me from just attacking Mali, they're two technologies behind and have too much gold for their own good.

Surprise Battle of Paris

By the time they figured out what happened, mainland France was well sieged

So many wars - my vassals refuse to give back illegal lands
Every rebel OPM is a new siege, so it takes forever

Maya Merchant Republic with boats

Coalition against Pannonia
They're probably quite happy I removed Punitive CB

Aztecs waited centuries for second chance

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