Saturday, April 15, 2017

God Empress of Prussia: Part 07: 1487-1496: Reforming the Hofgericht

I decided that the best direction of expansion is all of them. So I ended up with different policy per theater.

In South America, I allied the Incas as we both hate the Aztec. Conquistador is searching for lost cities of gold. I'm setting up as many colonial nations as possible, and avoidance of military conflict.

In North America, I threatened Maya with war over Jamaica. Then I got Maya and Creek as tributaries. I'll settle some random colonies soon, to turn other North American minors into my tributaries - they're High American tech group, so conquest would be hard.

In Wesern Europe, the policy is crushing France every truce timer. There's some coalition risk there, as Spanish minors are mostly same culture and religion as France, so perhaps I should just conquer them too.

In Eastern Europe, I'm just ignoring Byzantium, as it's more able to defend itself - especially on sea, and it's just less worth the effort. They have gold mines in Serbia, so I'll deal with them eventually.

In Africa, the policy is to to settle random islands for extended range. I have a settler traveling to Cape now, and from there on the plan is to seize key Indian Ocean islands as well as East African coastline and gold mines. And of course fighting everybody as soon as practical - I plan to chain Mali war into cleanup of all Western African minors, and then as soon as I get expansion finisher to bring war to Kongo.

In the Far East, I cancelled some tributaries to conquer 4 of them to setup big Ural as vassal instead. Deccan got empire member Yaik as vassal, but they lost it soon after. They're still holding imperial lands formerly belonging to Turkestan as well as other land, so I'll deal with them at some point. Just ticking warscore might be enough to get those provinces and avoid having to travel all the way to India.

Ural instantly got golden age - as they discovered America (they got my maps as I annexed and released them), embraced Renaissance in their capital state, and were present on two continents (Europe and Asia). That's quite impressive, as it's only the 3rd golden age after Byzantium and the Aztecs. Well, I could have it too, but it seems pointless that early.

I discovered a new bug - France was allied with my tributaries Asturias and Aragon. And game decided that means I can't separate peace them "You cannot negotiate separate peace with someone who is a former subject of the defender". Well, they were mine not theirs. And same again fighting Komi and Yamalia.

I passed third reform in February 1496. It was a few years late, as I was at war or overextended, and wasted a lot of authority this way.

I got two more free cored provinces due to disappearing empire member core bug. High development Somerset in English channel node, and some irrelevant Carpathian county.

The mythical Horse Island!

French Moroccan coast seized
Big Ural vassal - it's not realistic Ming plan yet, but dominating Central Asia is a backup plan in case coastal expansion around Africa takes way too long

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