Wednesday, April 19, 2017

God Empress of Prussia: Part 11: 1521-1529: End of Age of Discovery

It's good that I managed to unify empire 6 months before my truces started to expire, as next unification window would be probably ten or fifteen years later - after all wars are over and I'm done coring. I couldn't even offload overxetension to vassals, as non-imperial vassals bug out when you have imperial vassal swarm.

Ming had decency of rivaling me, so I'll be able to get some power projection. From them becoming invalid rival one month later.

And I was wrong last time, I actually kept imperial ban on Deccan - their provinces did not leave empire, not sure why I was confused.

So I just kept attacking everyone. AE is high, but they can't join coalition if they don't exist. I gradually cancelled some tributaries, which after 5 year truce lets me attack them. I'm fine having tributaries in faraway lands, but it's silly that they'd hold lands in Europe.

My vassal swarm is huge. Our total army was 1300k - even with typical AI mismanagement there's little our enemies can do.

France, Byzantium, and my other targets were being wrecked so effectively that everybody around wanted to join.

I spent my money on manufactories, including those built in vassal territory. And I didn't even notice that it also lets me build in my tributaries' lands, which I definitely did not want. Probably wasted ridiculous amount of money this way.

I actually have a plan to deal with Ming. Here it is:
  • attack Anxi, calling in Jangzhou - Ming will defend them, burning all troops, while getting disaster due to enemy horde bordering them - sadly it won't tick when they have truce
  • while Ming is busy, attack their various tributaries in Indochina - there are some alliance issues (a few are allied with my tributary Malacca), but I should be able to get big chunk of land
  • hopefully it will at least slow down their mandate growth, which is currently at +0.22/month
Or I could just let my vassals destroy Ming - it's a long trip, but it's not like they have anything better to do. That would be somewhat boring.

Next age starts in a few months and its goals are:
  • Embrace Protestantism or Reformed as your state religion - completely impossible, so never
  • Humanist or Religious - I just don't want to do it this time, so never
  • Convert 10 Provinces - I have really awful missionary strength, and I should harmonize rather than convert, but I'll probably get to 10 pagan provinces converted, and then stop and harmonize pagans too, possibly done, or if not I'll get it soon
  • Gain at least 5 colonial nations - already done
  • Convert another nation - already done many times
  • Gain trade bonus in Silk, Spices, or Chinaware - this will be quite hard, but possible. I have 4% Silk, 3% Spices, and 2% Chinaware or required 20%. I could attack my tributary Sunda for spices and center of trade to ship it to Zanzibar. Or I could take enough Chinaware provinces from Ming.
  • Unify Culture - only after I integrate vassal swarm, and even then it will be hard, as there's one Prussian province in deep India, and Nubia is Prussian primary culture and colonizing (they didn't have a single Prussian province originally, but Prussian rulers)

 Africa almost completely discovered
Air, Kongo, and Madagascar all on hit list
I don't plan to leave anyone except Egypt (tributary) and Nubia (too big)

Europe dominated
France almost destroyed
Byzantium still big, but lost their capital

Middle East
I'm mostly expanding here to have high supply route to China and India
Also to create truce timers so they don't coalition me

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