Friday, April 7, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 82: 1411-1428: Final Border Cleanup

I tried upgrading to 2.7.1beta but it just caused issues, so I reverted. This of course caused more issues - resetting my message settings. This and EU4 mapmodes get reset so often I should probably put them on github or something.

I lost poet trait and with it +1 diplomacy. Instead I named a star after myself, getting me +1 diplomacy, and lost cruel for +1, so I'm a bit ahead.

I had about ten 10% shots at ambitious by writing theorem papers, so far all missed.

I decided that I'm pretty much done changing borders, so I just made everybody I could (except steppes, that's way too tedious) into my tributaries. France is the last one due, as I had a few wars with them, but I'll just make it before end of the game, for nice big font on the map. I finally kicked them out of Britain and Sicily.

Amazingly Tengri were back on the map for a while, as some Tengri count inherited county of Yamalia in deep Siberia. It was so unusual I even helped my great great granddaughter's host get that.

Pope declared crusade for France. As usual it didn't involve any troops, and lost without a single battle.

My grandson inherited Mali. I arranged a few marriages, but it's probably too late for inheritance too happen.

As for culture conversions here's statistics for population of my realm:

  • 502 Prussian
  • 5 Greek
  • 4 Bedouin
  • 4 French
  • 4 Italian
  • 4 Levantine
  • 2 Bohemian
  • 2 Mongol
  • 1 Basque
  • 1 Egyptian
  • 1 Berber
  • 1 Welsh

Huge uprising when Arabia was down to under 30k
It still did absolutely nothing - even with modding to help rebels
It's all so hopeless I'm tempted to just let rebels pre-siege all holdings in target county by event

Emperor of Deccan knows that resistance is futile
I border Deccan thanks to their two random exclave counties in the steppes

Game could easily fit font twice as big, I think it's just limited to some max size.

I thought about splitting that into multiple cultures in a single group.
However, since EU4 empires have bonus of free acceptance of your whole primary culture group, it would have literally zero gameplay significance for all that work

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