Friday, February 3, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 37: 1030-1033: Good Karma

I changed religion 3 times in one day:
* go Romuva based on capital religion (I kept my capital pagan for a reason)
* go Buddhist based on spouse
* go Vajrayana Buddhist for +1 health bonus (same as Digambara Jain) - health bonuses are far superior to other bonuses

By the way the distinguishing feature of Digambara Jains is that monks wander around naked - no idea how that gives +1 health.

Oh and many generations ago I messed up the whole Jain conversion, every Jain in the realm is wrong branch, because I first asked them to convert, and only switched to branch I wanted later. There's decision to change branch, but apparently AI never takes it.

Well, there are 100 direct vassals to deal with. The plan is to convert Prussians (with generous gifts if necessary), then revoke everybody else.

Recently they nerfed religious revocation so if I revoke Jain vassal all other Jain direct vassals are butthurt too.
And in my minimod collection there is a nerf for demanding conversion so it cost 25 piety. Not to mention you need to be at peace for it.
So it's a bit harder than it used to be.

Anyway, I just bribed everybody left and right to speed things up and to isolate people I didn't want landed. After I ran out of karma I went on revokation spree, assuming that -1800 with Jain vassals would lead to some revolt I might crush, but it didn't.

So instead I took 2 counties in Far North, and a good chunk of "nobody lives here anyway" in Volga estuary.

I suspect it's due to briefly switching to pagan, but my titles went gavelkind.

I didn't do any viceroyalty stuff, but I guess that's one way around gavelkind.

I setup two merchant republics - in Man and Stettin. It's sort of overdue, but then again before trade practices level 2 they don't do much anyway.

Arab Empire got inherited by Sunni son of my Jain usurper, and he's got obscene 81k troops. I don't have any claimants for that, but I have one for Egypt, so maybe I should at least try splitting that. Only a handful of Jain counties and vassals resulted form 24 years of Jain rule.

Buddhist has moral authority of only 24% compared with Jain 100%, but presumably next generation of paragons of enlightenment will fix it.

Buddha is OK with minor border cleanup

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