Thursday, February 16, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 44: 1091-1098: Second Sunni Caliphate

I removed feudal vassals' opinion penalty for viceroyalties, as that pretty much forces all or nothing game - all feudal or all viceroyal. That's actually OK gameplay, but here I want exclusively king tier viceroyalties and exclusively feudal duchies.

I tried ramping factionalism a bit, but I don't think it did anything.

I pressed claimant to duchy of Alger held by Sunni caliph, which I assumed would make caliph vassal of my claimant, but it actually unlanded him completely and destroyed the Sunni caliphate.

And just half a year later emir of Damascus decided that he's the caliph now. I didn't have any way to intervene, fortunately caliph died, and there was a claimant against his underage son.

It was a bit race against time, as he started caliphal subjugation war, and if he won that he'd have two duchies, and it would be really hard to remove him.

Sadly new caliph had two mosques outside de jure Damascus, so I couldn't eliminate him.

I got Buddhist claimant on throne of Thrace, so the only remaining Orthodox ruler of any significance is former event horde of Samos - Balkans are mostly Catholic, and Anatolia mostly Sunni/Shia.

Weirdly emir of Alger went Sunni later - not sure why, it could have been holy war, or maybe something else.

What was left of Kabyla event horde managed to recreate sultanate of Africa. Sultanate of Granada, another former event horde, got abolished.

Somehow my claimant to Leon got inherited by one of my vassals, so I now have inland holdings in deep Spain.

I don't think Buddhist Persia will survive.

I'm going to push claimants for Galicia and Africa now.

Overall, my claimants are doing OK, like 40% or so success rate I guess.

We finally have more Buddhist peasants than Sunni, and we're only a few counties away from overtaking Jain.

Ranking of strongest countries shows that my meddling is really working:

  1. Prussia (Buddhist)
  2. Deccan Empire (Hindu)
  3. Bengal Empire (Hindu)
  4. Egypt (Buddhist)
  5. France (Buddhist)
  6. Italy (Buddhist)
  7. Thrace (Buddhist)
  8. Nubia (Buddhist)
  9. Rajputana (Hindu)
  10. Baluchistan (Sunni - and definitely a target)

I might be only moderately successful at converting infidels, but if that fails, I sure manage to wreck them.

 Eastern borders look quite clean now. I don't plan to expand there any more.

Religious bordergore, but numbers are finally turning to our side

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