Friday, February 10, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 39: 1040-1050: More Middle Eastern Meddling

I decided I have far too many vassals, so I decided to create 14 kingdom level viceroyalties - 7 going to my children, 7 to other family members, and Sweden and Lithuania missing, as my demesne is there.

Some of my vassals didn't like it, and there's even ongoing war where one of my dukes tries to abolish Lapland, which is the weakest of my viceroyalties.

Arabian Empire survived attempts to abolish it, but it lost a good number of vassals including small kingdoms of Persia and Baluchistan.

Shia Caliphate didn't do any better, and got overthrown by a decadence revolt - it's fairly rare that I see a successful one - and a lot of its vassals decided to go independent. Decadence revolt at least gets all titles - 3 kingdoms and caliphate - all at once.

I took advantage of all that mess to press Mesopotamia for Buddhist claimant, leaving Georgia/Afghanistan/Shia Caliphate as a fairly small realm. Sadly he has Shia children, so it will revert just like Arabian Empire did. Wwhen I demand conversion, it should seriously autoconvert unlanded children too - some conversion decisions do, others don't, it's a mess.

Second round of Black Death started, but it's been progressing really slowly, and somehow never got out of Italy and Dalmatia. I was super confused, and I thought there were supposed to be two waves - but actually after first wave Black Death becomes just another a boring disease.

Jihad timers are all ready, but neither caliph seems interested. Oh well, crusade is coming soon, sadly most likely against Buddhist Egypt as it holds Jerusalem (county and temple holders are still Sunni).

In all that Middle Eastern mess Mecca is held by Jain Socotra.

Lombardy got inherited by son of king of France/Brittany, and turned into a double kingdom of Italy/Sicily. They have enough different inheritance laws that they probably won't get reunified.

I'm currently defending my claimant from rebels and trying to make Arabian Empire pay me.

Oh and I played a bit with EU4 converter - it's surprisingly decent, and I could turn my blob into Buddhist HRE with just some minor tweaks, in case I want to continue this campaign.

Second Black Death. Shut the gates! 

 That's the most underwhelming Black Death I've ever seen.

Middle East properly dynastically fragmented
Meanwhile France and Italy and setting up mini-Karlings

Buddhist moral authority slowly increasing, so maybe there's some hope here

Nomads thrown far beyond Volga
They were raiding me all the time, so I decided to just liberate them.
Last tribals are West African-held Aztec Empire (ruling over feudal Ireland) and 3 county minor in Volga bend.

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