Monday, February 13, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 42: 1070-1081: Empres Gelennis the Just and Fall of Arabia

Grasus soon died, succeded by her daughter Gelesis, who infirm at age of 62 was really not likely to rule for long.

At age 62 first decision was already succession - and I decided to designate 16 year old granddaughter as heir. And she got herself killed in some battle right away.

Well, there was no point trying to establish the kind of tributary system Grasus had, so instead I focused on going county by county to Catholic holy sites.

All that did was create some bordergore, and made winning future crusader harder due to unlanded pope - Catholic moral authority was still at 100%. Then again, ours is at >80% and we have zero holy sites and no religious head.

Well, let's try a different plan - another attempt at installing claimants to Arabia - which recovered to second strongest country with 42k army. And while I'm at it also for Sunni Nubia, Shia Trebizond, and join some defensive wars to help sultan of Egypt and duchess of Kartli.

My claimant for Arabia was a very old childless woman, but it's always a way to stir some trouble. The result was really underwhelming - she died in 2 months of taking throne, and it got inherited by another Sunni.

Well, another try! My new claimant is 34 year old man without any health problems. Of course that was a failure as well - he instantly got himself into war against his vassal and got himself killed in battle, leaving the throne to his underage son.

Kabylia event horde (still 35k + 5k normal troops) decided that the whole Arabian Empire is a joke, and declared abolition war. Well, so that's the last major intervention then. The horde managed to burn most of its event troops on this, so I wouldn't worry about them.

Middle East is massive bordergore, but it's still overwhelmingly Sunni except for Egypt and Nubia which are very slowly turning Buddhist. King of Nubia samehow managed to get -525 revoked infidel vassal titles without his vassals revolting yet. That's quite impressive.

Strongest Muslim countries are now Granada, Galicia (both Sunni Umayyad - quite impressive to keep your dynasty in charge for so long - but they got event horde to help them), and Sunni Baluchistan.

In this clusterfuck somehow Mecca is still held by Muslims, even though population there is Jain.

Shia Caliph got reduced to two "kingdoms" without land and a single mosque. He's mostly saved by county he's in being under Shia emir, so he won't get attacked for his last mosque, probably.

Deccan Empire got itself into 2 claimant revolts and independence revolt. I thought they might be in trouble, but first one claimant won, then another, then independence revolt got crushed.

As I was done with my interventions, and I had no idea how long I'll live, I did some cleanup to establish viceroyalty of East Francia (around Catholic holy site in Cologne) and soon another of Volga Bulgaria; and just continued reestablishing tributaries.

My vassals started turning into border gore with far too many going native into various Barbarian cultures. It's hard to keep civilization going.

The youngest daughter inherits, even if she's 62

A few provinces taken to get Catholic holy sites
I had to take a few extra on the way to get CB, as it's only on neighbours and next two sea zones
Catholic authority is nearly impossible to get rid of
Even if I removed all Catholic rulers they'd probably be at 60% or so

All my interventions did little to get rid of Muslims
I didn't even manage to unland either Caliph
Of course there's third big problem after Muslims and Catholics - the Hindus

Zoom in on Middle East bordergore
Notice bit of Egypt next to the Himalayas

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