Sunday, February 12, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 40: 1050-1060: Another Crusade, Another Jihad

I thought next crusade would be for Jerusalem against Buddhist Egypt, and I'd need to sail there to protect it, but Pope made it easier by attacking me for Bavaria directly.

Fortunately half the Catholic world were my tributaries, and Sicily/Italy didn't join the crusade. It still took almost a year to crush it. Wars in Paradox games are always so long compared with historical campaigns which lasted just the summer.

Of course nothing can possibly get Catholics from 100% moral authority. At least it helped us get towards 100% too.

I decided to shut the gates as epidemics of syphilis and camp fever erupted quite close to my capital. Unfortunately we forgot to get enough food. And one of my courtiers dared to steal food! Well, I guess we'll have to eat him instead.

Next to do so was prince of Mesopotamia, and we unfortunately couldn't eat him due to political ramifications of the dinner. So instead we had some rats. Not like that helped politically, as my claimant to Mesopotamia lost a war and it's now abolished - and then he lost his last county to Arabian Empire.

Then we ate 4 more food thieves. And prince of former Mesopotamia tried his luck second time - well, he's on the menu now.

I was helping sultan of Egypt defend from various vassals and Orthodox holy war - and Shia caliph decided to Jihad him.

And could they fucking fix that bug where provinces controlled by my allies count as "hostile" for purpose of supply limit? It's also quite annoying random neutral trade posts count as "hostile" holdings too.

Well, unlike with Pope, who is very easy to punish, I had much more limited ability to punish Shia caliph, but we won, and got our moral authority to 83%, while Jain is finally falling fading, but still at 89%. Over next generation we'll probably start turning our peasants Buddhist.

Meanwhile, Sunni caliph's kingdom of Africa lost abolition war as well.

Arabian Empire is regaining its strength - it got Mecca, Baluchistan, and various minor duchies who used to be independent.

And succession problems are likely. I'm 71, have 5 sons and 2 daughters - older is 51 and frail, younger is 27, frail, lunatic, syphilitic, and with great pox for a "how the hell did you survive" combo. At least my older daughter got me 6 granddaughters.

The Pope hopes Deus Vult. Turns out he doesn't.

 Crusader armies were quite decent - if all Catholic world attacked me, I would be in trouble.
So it might be time to start pressing Buddhist claimants a bit.

Shut the gates! 

No pickled boar heads?
Are we going to eat peasant food now? 

That solves our food problems. 

What's left of Shia caliphate is tiny, even if on paper it's double kingdom of Georgia and Afghanistan
It's possible that Sunnis will clean it up

Middle East fragmenting even further

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