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Prussian Amazons: Part 51: 1131-1138: The Great Civil War

I took a break to do some modding.

I turned "Aztec Empire" into "Empire of Mali", as it was silly (and messes up with EU4 converter) that Mande Catholics somehow hold "Aztec Empire" title. That took surprisingly complex hacking, as regular commands don't work on special titles like Aztec Empire.

I gave Mali kingdoms of Mali (originally Mali, then Aztecs) and Meuretania (formerly Arabia) as de jure as it makes sense this way.

Then I went on and started doing some clean up, as a lot of silly things happened and I'll need to do that for converter anyway:
* two Burgundy titles merged, kings of Burgundy get real title, not titular one
* duchy of Saxony de jure Burgundy (disconnected from the rest) moved back to Saxony
* duchy of Tripolitania moved from de jure Esfahan (disconnected from the rest) back to Africa
* dead custom kingdom fo Hamadan merged back into de jure Persia
* custom Syria killed, real Syria (held by Egypt) granted to previous custom Syria
* custom Thrace merged back into Greece

Rulers affected by these changes are mostly helped as it removes old claimants (too much work migrating those) and makes their de jure realms larger - especially Greece.

Two remaining custom kingdoms are Granada (dead, but no obvious way to fix Spain de jure map) and Esfahan (active).

And I also noticed that a few game rules got reset in my save game - not sure what's going on.

It might be insane, but I had to keep trying spreading Buddhism around, first batch was:

  • sultanate of Syria
  • emirate of Arabia
  • emirate of Coloneia
  • emirate of Tabriz
  • removing last Sunni county from North Africa
  • helping 2 minors in their holy wars

Tabriz lost abolition war, so my claimant has one county. Mostly it went well.

Arabia got into instant revolt, and I had to save them.

Other than that, it finally worked. Even Gujarat somehow survived revolt that seemed likely to doom them.

Syria has boy caliph as a vassal. It would be nice if they unlanded the bastard, as there are somewhat fewer candidates for setting up 4th Sunni caliphate. If I'm reading files right caliph can call jihad even as vassal of a different religion ruler, but it's complex code so I'm not completely sure.

I also became master seductress, so I could easily invide heirs and claimants and make them accept Buddha.

And then the second batch:

  • kicking kingdom of Andhra out of Deccan Empire
  • claimant for Delhi
  • helping Bengal Empire fight Hindu host
  • helping Syria get a county in Mosul
  • helping Egypt get Mecca
  • helping Coloneia defend against Khiva
  • helping Socotra defend against Baluchistan / Esfahan
  • helping some Mongol adventurer conquer the rest of emirate of Mosul (lost as I had to recall my troops)

I like offering to join wars, as I often have troops around there anyway, and it doesn't require disbanding levies and raising them again.

As my troops were saving the faithful worldwide my distant cousin Gulbis decided that age of 74 is great time for independence revolt. That's the first this campaign, and I didn't even do anything tyrannical in generations.

It was really awkward timing as most I could raise was 24k demesne levy and 28k retinue. In theory I had up to 49k levy from loyal vassals but it was quite depleted and I still needed to send them home from Middle East before I could either use them or disband and reraise them.

Rebels had 120k.

They didn't even have any specific grievances beyond "raised levies" and "10 year times after granting viceroyalty ran out, so now I hate you".

Rebels were viceroys of Bavaria, Great Moravia, Pannonia, Wallachia, Finland, Georgia, Volga, Catholic queen who inherited Italy/Sicily without me noticing, duchess of Leon, and 2 counts.

Against such numbers my tributaries would be just a speed bump. Fortunately I knew how to take advantage of warscore system and ships - by sniping small stacks on Baltic and Italian coast and assaulting easy holdings I was getting warscore while rebels were just wandering around aimlessly.

Rebellion started 3 July 1137, and 18 January 1138 they were already asking for white peace. 31 March 1138 they surrendered while still having 93k troops to my 83k.

After the war I revoked all holding in Italy, but I ran into bullshit "cannot revoke this granted title before 1 year" mechanic, even though it was my traitor vassal who granted the titles to various Catholics.

Reorganizing Italy after the civil war actually took longer than the war itself.

Buddhist King of Asturias recreated France and inherited Brittany - so now there's a blob there, but it's a friendly blob.

Horse-faced Master of the Horse of Italy
With council of horses  

That's the biggest revolt in recorded history

It's just way too easy to rush warscore
I tried to bait them into battles in South Italy, but they didn't take it, so I just kept sieging
Some more action on Baltic coast

The aftermath - political map

Zoom-in on India and Middle East
In India only Deccan, Malwa, and Punjab are Hindu, and they all have Buddhists 1st or 2nd in line of succession
Not sure how Syria blobbed - it might be stray inheritance from Egypt. Or I might have messed the modding.

Zoom-in on Western Europe.
France and Burgundy are Buddhist, minors are mostly Catholic.
Heir to Burgundy is some bastard in preference over my grandson. This will not do.

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