Monday, February 27, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 52: 1138-1151: Embargo Wars

I took it a bit more slowly, but over time I intervened in a bunch of new wars:

  • I pushed claimant for Fes. He lost it to previous ruler in almost no time.
  • I helped host get Baghdad. Heir was Sunni kid whom I tried to assassinate without success, but he got converted by his guardian, so I stopped trying. Now heir inherited and next heir in line is Sunni.
  • Tigris/Kartli/Basra became Sunni by inheritance, so I helped a host get Kartli at least. Tigris/Basra's emira is incapable with Buddhist heir so we might get it back.
  • Embargo wars against France and Egypt to give my 6 vassal merchant republics some room to grow
  • Claimant for kingdom of Punjab
  • Claimant for emirate of Sistan, under Sunni Baluchistan
It's been much slower campaigning that before.

Egypt and Syria were blobbing quite nicely. The problem with Syria is that caliph is Syria's strongest vassal and as sultan's nephew still too high in order of succession.

The caliph even as a vassal still launched subjugation war on emirate of Mosul, so if he decided to press his claim or independence revolt, it would probably succeed.

Deccan Empire got destroyed by Maharastra - long time ago its strongest vassals.

Delhi and Andhra got lost to the Hindus, but overall Buddhist rule over India is holding.

Most notable change is the Egypt blob 

Almost no progress in India but plenty of progress elsewhere

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