Thursday, February 16, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 45: 1098: Technology Interlude

One of major theres of the campaign has been developing primitive tribal society into advanced nation. CK2 lacks technology map mode, so I wrote a script that creates it from save game.

Here are save games about every 50 years. For every map lowest technology province most intense red, highest technology is intense green, and grey is exactly middle between the two.

As distribution is not normal, there's no guarantee that there will be same amount of colors between maps.


Campaign starts with very sharp technology borders between areas. Pretty much all of future Prussia starts at worst possible tech.


Borders between original tech areas are still very visible, even if they're rather noisy now. Capitals of various dukes and kings look distinct from background. Most unusual is capital of Prussia (at that time just kingdom of Lithuania) which is already a beacon of civilization in the wilderness, literally.


Tribal areas close to civilized realms like Balkans, Central Europe, and East Africa developed a good deal - to about halfway between originally feudal lands and deeper tribal/nomad areas like Scandinavia, West Africa, and Steppes. Capital of Prussia is already most advanced province in the world, even thought it's going to stay tribal for two more decades.


Prussia has been feudalizing for a while now. The red is slowly fading - other than. Mostly tribal Scandinavia looks miserable except for Uppland which is part of demesne of empresses of Prussia.


With technology spreading from the West, Byzantium, and the capital, backward areas of Central Europe are fading. Green areas of Prussia are now not just imperial demesne but also counties neighbouring imperial demesne.


Very little relative change. Thanks to closeness to imperial demesne Sweden now looks more advanced than rest of Scandinavia.


Those three really backwards counties in deep steppes make everything else look greener. Denmark and West Norway are extremely backwards - they became feudal much later than other areas, and are still catching up.


Central European red gap shrunk to just the independent duchy of Pest, which doesn't benefit from imperial help. Danish backwardness is even more striking.

Other centers of power like Rome and Paris and even capital of Aztec Empire in deep Mali look much more advanced than their neighbours - but with so many capitals lasting only a while before shifting elsewhere a lot of such local differences faded away.

The future

Technological transformation has been very slow, but original distinctions largely faded. I expect that by the end of the game all areas except steppes and Iceland (which is isolated and can't get any neighbour bonus unless its liege has some other holding in their demesne too) will be fairly comparable, with just major capitals a bit ahead.

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