Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 49: 1116-1123: Empress Milyuns II

I wrote a script to tell me where I can build universities and monastery schools, as game lacks such feature.

My lover failed to Deccan Empire failed to inherit, as his brother had two girls before he died of severe stress. So that failed - but Deccan Empire fell apart to independence faction. Parts are still Hindu, but I'm working on it.

And then at age of 45 Weslikan II died due to her failed attept at achieving immortality. She was succeeded by her daughter Milyuns, at fairly weak 6/4/11/5/16.

I was married to some really old kinsman, but when he husband, I married heir to kingdom of Burgundy, attacked Burgundy in tributary war, captured current king, and burned him at a stake, so my husband can get it. My husband's son from previous marriage will inherit Burgundy (as it's weirdly agnatic primogeniture), but I educated him to be a good Prussian Buddhist, and bethrothed him matrilineally to my daughter, so we'll have some influence there.

Burgundy is a horrible bordergore made out of 5 parts, 3 of which would clean up my borders nicely, while the other 2 would make them look worse. I might annex then release half I don't like maybe. Then again, CK2 is a really bad game for people who care for clean borders.

Pope declared crusade for Italy, but with so few Catholic left who aren't my tributaries he was just joined by holy orders and OPMs. Still took 3 years to win.

Claimants I installed in Persia lost again - Persia feels like just too far to be worth sending troops over.

My efforts to make Bengal Empire Buddhist paid off, and both emperor and his heir are now of true religion. Of course he got into fight with his vassals instantly, but there's only so much I can do from that far away.

Between Bengal and Burgundy even failing the long shot for Persia doesn't bother me so much.

Same like two Burgundies before, there are now two Syrias - except both are actually in use - one is held by the Caliph, another by Egypt/Syria as gavelkind. AI just loves screwing itself, whoever gets Syria will likely get swarmed by Muslims.

New event horde emerged for Sunni Bedouin count of Amisos in Anatolia.

Horse Queen of Italy sadly abandoned her horsiness and turned Lombard.

Empress Milyuns.
Of course if I get another chance to get immortal, I'll take it again.
(files suggest 10% base chance of success)

My biggest success with just politely asking foreign heirs to convert so far
(with a bit of bribery or seduction).
Deccan Empire fell apart later, but I had nothing to do with it.

Aztec Empire is the only major Catholic country left, but there's a lot of Catholic minors
Presumably next Crusade for Italy 1053, but they are more nuisance than threat nowadays

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