Monday, February 27, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 53: 1151: Religious Diplomacy Interlude

As the campaign nears 400 years, here's a short break for maps of how religions of top-level rulers evolved over time. It's snapshotted about every 25 years not every 50 years like tech mapmode, as changes are much faster.


At start date the most unusual feature is Inonoclasts holding Byzantium. India is already overwhelmingly Hindu. There are various Muslim heresies in North Africa and Oman. Nubia is Miaphysite. Zunbils exist.


Byzantium flipped Orthodox. Romuva empire started spreading, but it's been still not too remarkable. Miaphysite Armenia became free of Arabian Empire.


Italy briefly went heretic. Germanic religion got crushed by the Romuva.


The Romuva all went Jain. Aztecs arrived in Ireland and Mauretania. Shia Caliphate arrived and destroyed most Miaphysites in Armenia - while those in Nubia fell to the Sunnis. Tengri are almost all gone - Suomenusko and Manichean. Slavic is nearly gone.


Changes are fairly slow. Shia, Sunni, Aztec, and Jain expanded a bit, Manicheans lost a lot.


Previous trends continue - Muslim North Africa fell to Aztec and Orthodox. Shia, Sunni, and Jain expanded taking over Suomenusko and Manichean lands.


Jain Scotland and Aztec Brittany.


This is the height of Aztec power with France falling to their invasion before crusade turned back the tide. Jains in India lost their last holdings. Tengri Mongol Empire started invasion from the East.


Aztecs went Catholic, leaving just one independent duchy. Tengi Mongols took enormous territory. Buddhist lost almost all their holdings worldwide, with just some scraps like Ceylon left over.


Bavaria went Jain, and Tengri started losing their control over steppes, to Suomenusko of all people.


West Africans took over what was left over of Aztec Empire and went Catholic. Aztecs were nearly completely wiped out, with just one county in North England left.
Here's where religious diplomacy started - with Arabian Empire going Jain briefly. Ceylon is now Hindu, so there are no remaining Buddhist on the map, but Kamarupa is distant East India went Jain thanks to some dynastic politics.


Here's the most drastic change - Prussia went from Jain to Buddhist and started consolidating Volga region.
Arabian Empire went back to Sunni, but Egypt and a lot of duchies became Buddhist in various interventions.


Buddhists got Italy, but mosty of Middle East intervention got reverted the second time to Sunni and Shia resurgence. Orthodox Tripolitania became Sunni as well. Slavic lost its last county.


Nubia, Thrace, and France/Asturias went Buddhist.

Suomenusko lost its last lands, with nice Buddhist-Tengri border.


One of two blobs in India is now Buddhist, as is Burgundy, and Mongol Empire - but Mongols no longer control the steppes like they used to. In aggressive action to destroy Hashshishim and Shia Caliphate Sunnis and Buddhist together nearly crushed the Shia. Jains are no more.

Prussian accidental expansion into Africa removed it from Sunni hands for the second time.


After over a century of relentless fighting, most of India and Middle East are now ruled over by Buddhists. In France, Greece, North Africa, Steppes Buddhist countries mostly cleaned up infidel minors. The Shia are nearly destroyed, leaving just one county.

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