Friday, February 10, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 38: 1033-1040: Egyptian Adventure

I didn't like queen-tier vassals, so I went to war with them, and did some major ethnic cleansing on vassal level.

The new Arabian Emperor went on revokation spree against his Jain vassals - which drastically reduced his levies, so I took advantage of this opportunity and pressed a claimant for Egypt. I stayed over to defend Egypt from Sunni Nubia and from own vassals - hopefully they'll be stable now.

After that Sunni caliph who was still pissed off that he doesn't rule over the empire any more declared war to abolish it altogether. I sent him as well as independence revolt some mone. I wish them luck - AI wars usually take really long, so even if he succeeds, it's going to take a while.

I used special Buddhist ambitions to reject envy. Too bad that you can only use those ambitions to get rid of sins (which are mostly fine), not of shitty traits like arbitrary.

Oh and I switched the whole realm to enatic-cognatic - it didn't work for tanistry, but for other inheritance types it's just fine, and it will make vassals' succession less of a mess.

Meanwhile a fairly small England managed to respawn.

Buddhist moral authority is still really poor, but temples I built in formerly nomad land inmproves it slightly. So far literally one county converted - Ulm.

Oh and my nephew inherited remote kingdom of Kamarupa in North-East India. Good luck holding to it. He already went native as Assamese Jain.

 Arabian Empire has been weakened quite effectively.

My vassal map is so clean after reorganization.
I'll have to hand out some viceroyalties, there are just too many vassals.

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