Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 48: 1109-1116: Losing a hand for a shot at Immortality

When I tried to mod settle tribe steward action to work with any province I did it wrong, so my steward wasted last few decades, but now it's fixed and working. It's fairly slow, but it can provide some Prussian core around which regular flip events might happen.

I seduced heir to Bengal Empire, and that was enough to make him abandon his silly Hindu superstition.

Heir to kingdom of Burgundy likewise couldn't resist my charms.

I later also invited and converted heirs to Deccan Empire and kingdom of Delhi.

Such conversions are not terribly sticky, but that's how we converted got France and Thrace previously.

I tried to save Egypt from collapsing to independence revolt - which would leave all those minors exposed to kebab - but it ended up in a funny situation:

  • Egypt war was -100% due to sultan getting captured, but rebels couldn't push their demands as they were also in holy war with kebab who occupied some of their holdings
  • and meanwhile I was in another 99% war due to not winning any battle yet

Such warscore technicalities. Since Egypt war couldn't end, I captured their leader too - so it's the first time I see both leaders being captured by the other side. Somehow that meant we win.

At this point I wanted to help Egyptian Revolt unsiege, but I couldn't, as I wasn't hostile to Jazira/Mesopotamia and Tripoli, and I didn't even have any CBs. I invited claimant to Mesopotamia, so it allowed me to be hostile to some of them.

And then to mess things even further another vassal pressed claimant on Egypt - in name of imprisoned leader independence revolt. Of course they were all family.

Discouraged by that wargoal mess I noticed that I can press Buddhist woman's claim to Sunni Caliphate. OK, I don't even. Well, once upon a time it was possible to do silly things like grant papacy to a woman, but they fixed most of such issues since then.

That war also couln't end on a technicality - I was capped at 99% due to lack of major battles, even though I had 10% from battles (and 97% from occupations).

Well, I hoped that caliphate would be destroyed this way, but it wasn't - first time I see head of a religion not following it. So I attacked newly installed calipha to unland her. This finally destroyed the Sunni Caliphate for the second time.

And again, it was almost zero timeu before emir of Damascus and Syria proclaimed himself a caliph. Maybe that's not the way to go.

War for Egypt somehow eventually ended up with a victory - I'm not even totally sure how.

I expanded a bit further than I wanted into Persia to destroy the Hashshishim.

I got event chain to discover secrets of life and death - some Hurufi Egyptian hunchback woman named Cleopatra. She took a lot of gold, and asked me to learn pick-pocketing. It ended tragically.

We briefly lost France - Catholic host managed to usurp it. Former king still holds Asturias and about half of that territory. I wasn't worried as hosts have usually about half the troops, but sometimes AI is just really unlucky. I intervened immediately, and now France is Buddhist but separate from Asturias.

And we much more permanently lost Galicia - it was divided between Catholic Aztecs and Sunni Badajoz.

So at the last thing I pressed claimant for Persia. Overall Muslims are taking my meddling quite well. I install a claimant - they use their overpowered CBs to take over claimant's lands. I shatter their realms - they use their overpowered CBs to reassemble.

Oh and Mongols are now Buddhist, but they keep flipping all the time, so I wouldn't even woryr about that.

 Guaranteed 100% on both sides, and war can't end
(well, white peace isn't blocked, but who does that?)

Buddhist Sunni Calipha 

She supposedly knew secrets of immortality

 Turns out she was a total fraud

The Buddhist Zone we've been trying to establish is rather unstable
At least the Danube border looks nice now

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