Monday, February 27, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 54: 1151-1157: Saving Egypt

I changed Prussia's inheritance laws to absolute cognatic to help my vassals gavelkind faster.

I made some small interventions in Middle East, defending Baghdad and helping a vassal overthrow ruler of Tigris. Intervening that far was tedious, but actually quite often Egypt or Nubia protect Buddhist minors from Sunni attacks.

Then I got the inevitable crusade for Italy. Catholics are still at 74.5% authority, which is just silly. It was an easy war, but it still took 3 years.

After crusade fell emperor of Mali setup his anti-pope - but with landless pope, how can they even fight out such disagreements?

Apparently my embargo wars mean nothing, and Normandy and Damietta reestablished their trade posts in no time. Oh well, that's not worth fighting over.

Bogomilist rebels took over Dalmatia.

Sistan got inherited by a Sunni, but at least I split Baluchistan blob this way.

Weirdly just West of it some Suomenusko Mongol who also own Sibir got two counties.

Egypt got inherited by Sunni son of previous ruler. Like, why do I even bother? Since I was infirm and in regency, my council wouldn't approve of intervention. Not like I even had any quality claimants.

I have no idea how he even became Sunni - probably stupid choice of his guardian. The game makes blobbing so trivial, and everything else just so hard.

Well, I soon got an opportunity when a count of Darum refused sultan's revocation demand. It was 36k vs 1.5k war, so I had to intervene really fast (offering to join a war requires no council approval), and hope that count won't get himself captured.

All that lasted only a while longer, soon Milyuns died, suceeded by her youngest daughter Weslikan III, who inherited really difficult task at very young age of 20. With skills like 3/6/7/10/7 as stuborn craven amateurish plotter will she succeed?

 Even without any landed Catholics holy orders would be a hassle
One managed to hire 18k worth of troops

Rebellion so small you can barely see it 

Rushing the fight or I'd lose Egypt 

This is extremely inconvenient, especially since it kicks me out of war
If I understand patch notes correctly next patch I'd stay in the war
Hopefully he won't surrender before I can rejoin

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