Monday, February 20, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 47: 1101-1109: Weslikan II the Wise

I checked why there are 3 really primitive provinces, and apparently nomad provinces only get neighbour spread if they have some holdings in them - either nomad/clan camp or some temple. These 3 have just pastures with nothing, so they artificially make the rest of the world seem more advanced than it really is.

There are a few more provinces with no spread, but they presumably had some camps in the past. Mongol invasion reduced number of hordes (and so horde camps), and it really slowed down tech growth in steppes this way.

Technology map looks a lot better in quantile mode, I'll post more maps later.

Anyway, Sunni Abbassids in Italy revolted right away, so they all had to be killed. Well, actually "all Abbasids" is not really viable, as there's over 130 of them, but they could use a good culling. Sadly this culling didn't go far enough, Grasus IV died at age of 62, to badly treated camp fever. She was succeeded by Weslikan II the Wise, nice 8/10/15/7/25.

As nickname "the Wise" suggests, she dad different ideas as to foreign policy from her predecessors. Biggest wise idea being much more aggressive border cleanup.

Especially Pannonia needed a new viceroyalty, as reestablishing tributaries over and over that deep inland was rather tedious. Other than that - infidel OPMs were easier to just incorporate than keep reminding of their duty each generation. Bigger ones were tributaries as before, except I didn't mess with Buddhist countries like France and Thrace - they don't seem very stable anyway.

I created a small one in Frisia as well - actually I was going for Saxony, but that can't be created except by Saxon/Anglo-Saxon characters. I thought they removed those restrictions ages ago.

Well, somehow 3-county Frisia was valid, and my vassal Germany got 1 of them, so I could create that one. Not like it really matters, I'm just cleaning up the borders.

Africa and Italy were both a mess - with ton of vassal revolts. I helped them with some targetted assassinations, but sadly revolt continues even if literally 15 characters of two dynasties hold it. And that was only one of three revolts I tried to assassinate.

Egypt took one of Hashshashim's two mosques, as they were silly enough to build it in his terriory.

Sunni Caliph who was reduced to just two mosques managed to inherit emirate of Baghdad.

Peasants of the world now prefer Buddhist as first religion. Spreading Prussian culture is happening far more slowly.

I had one free demesne slot, so I kept a province in Hungary for a while - it was so far behind (38 vs 82) that it was gaining crazy 0.6 tech a year.

Major border cleanup
I might end up granting independence to the most remote parts like Africa once it's safe to do so

It's bordergore, but progress definitely goes in the right direction

After 14 previous revolt leaders all died in suspicious circumstances, you'd think the 15th might get a hint

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