Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 55: 1157-1167: Weslikan III, Syria and Egypt

War for Egypt ended inconclusively as Sunni sultan died of syphilis. Egypt got inherited by a 3 year old, who was tutored by his Buddhist mother.

Of course I had zero interest in trusting the RNG, especially since AI loves randomly flipping guardians. Unfortunately my best claimant was hin 40 year old aunt, and if she doesn't have babies soon we'll just delaying same problem for next generation.

She ended up having last minute baby, so line of succession ended up link this:

  • daughter Souzan (Buddhist)
  • nephew Najib (Sunni), former sultan
  • niece Sholah (Sunni)
  • nephew king of Greece (Greek Buddhist)
  • various relatives of king of Greece

To ensure Egypt's safety I had to remove those two obstacles.

I wish there were more ways to intervene in foreign realms. Best I could do was bribe everybody in Najib's court and plot assassination.

I tried seducing spymaster, but due to distance it wouldn't trigger. So I thought I'd hop on a boat and sail to Egypt to seduce him, but event is completely blocked when leading troops, so that plan failed as well. Even after I managed to seduce him, 100 relations wasn't enough - apparently relations with target count for a lot more than relations with plotter, so his +48 protected against my +100, and with a good margin. Eventually other plotters managed to get the boy.

That left his sister as next in line. She refused her aunt's revocation, so they got into a war, and Sholah got executed for treason - just as I was about to get her killed anyway. Problem finally solved.

Sultana of Egypt created second title of Arabia, making future interventions even messier. If Greek king managed to inherit, this would be the most successful AI Byzantine restoration I've ever seen. All of them gavelkind.

Sultan of Syria got into fight with his vassal caliph. That was way more urgent than my tributary wars, as caliph was nearly as strong as his liege, not to mention still 5th in order of succession.

Both Syrian and Egyptian problems merged when caliph declared jihad for Arabia against sultana of Egypt. Nobody seemed interested in joining on Sunni side, but Buddhist side had decent support. If CK2 had troops summary it would be 235k to 10k.

Eventually some Sunni minors joined the caliph, but war was at 90% by that time.

I was so distracted by the Middle East that I forgot to even reestablish tributaries for a few years.

Indian religions have kingdom-tier subjugation CB on people of same culture group, which I used for the first time ever to clean up Burgundy's holdings in Saxony. Weirdly he asked me to become my vassal instead of giving the land. First time I see this. But no, what I want is clean borders, and what I don't want is hereditary vassal kings.

I managed to acidentally kill my husband by overly vigorous sex. Then another one died soon after. So I married third time at 26.

My son turned out to be reincarnation of my grandfather Temujin the Bold of the Mongol Empire. (no relation to the original Temujin, that whole dynasty is dead)

Andhra became Buddhist somehow. Delhi and 2 duchies are the only Hindu realms remaining, and even peasants are slowly abandoning that silly superstition.

The Shia put their last fight, sending a 20k host against France.

There was minor recurring outbreak of Black Death, but at this point nobody really cares.

I like joining other people's wars just to see what's going on.

I have no idea if reincarnation mechanic even does anything

I regret nothing 

This was not the battle I wanted, but I won
Heavy infantry is awful at skirmish, but then wreck in melee. Here center meleed opponent's center and then their line fell apart. Also AI didn't bother assigning any commanders.

This girl was so close to inheriting Egypt and destroying my century long plans.
Fortunately sultana hanged her as traitor.
Sultana's nephew is Greek Buddhist king of Greece, 2nd in line, so there's a big chance of 500 AD Byzantium sized lob here.

The textless event where Burgundy offered to be my vassal to save his Saxon holdings
All I wanted were clean borders, so nope.

Jihads and crusades are not a big deal, but I still want to remove the caliphate

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